Webinar Promotion

Copywriting sample:

Marketing Webinar Promotion

105Menacing Tough Guy: Pssst … you and me, we’re gonna have a little conversation.

Frightened Middle-Aged Bald Guy: A-a-bout w-w-hat, menacing tough guy, sir?

MTG: (Client’s) webinar this Wednesday … you heard about it?

FMABG: Yes, yes of course I have.  Every solo professional worth his or her salt knows about it.

MTG: Precisely my point. You and/or your salt registered yet, bub?

FMABG: Well, no. I mean, I know it will make it easier for me to find and attract clients. And sure, everybody knows that experts command higher fees and do more interesting work.  But no, I haven’t registered as of yet.

MTG: Pay close attention, ’cause I’m only gonna say this once.  This here webinar? … things could get painful for you and your business if you don’t attend. If you get my drift.

FMABG: Is that a threat, sir?

MTG: No. It’s a promise.

Click here to register and nobody gets hurt.