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1 thought on “Thank You for Registering for the (Simple) Relationship Marketing Webinar

  1. Barbara Johnson

    This is a special comment for Michael: I signed up for the call with you to get some help on a new gig — a chance to write a special email message for an insurance exec.
    Well, today he called and asked if I had a draft ready. I didn’t. But I worked for three hours. reading through your great book page by page, filling my brain with the way you write.
    And from nothing I came up with a draft. I thought it was good. But he had wanted a one paragraph thing which I told him was not a great idea.
    Anyway, I wrote it out. Made some edits And sent it off.
    Next thing I know he called me and was thrilled. The idea, the working. And he especially liked the subject line.
    So, they are going to use it. It will go out to hundreds of insurance clients. And we’ll see how many people respond.
    Couldn’t have done it without your stuff. I didn’t copy anything. But the subject line was the thing he liked so much. It was: I just had a “light bulb” moment. Hey, whatever works!
    Anyway, I don’t want to hog your time, so if you want to cancel my call on Thursday you can. This is what I wanted to talk about.


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