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“Excellent newsletter. It actually made me laugh . . . and think at the same time. I’ll be subscribing in about two seconds.”

Dianna Huff, Huff Industrial Marketing

“Some marketing blogs have a go-go-go hyperness that exhausts me; yours feels like a lighthearted nudge.”

Shizuka Otake, Japanese Interpreter

“As I wander the Web, looking for good newsletters to bring to your attention, I use a long list of criteria to judge each publication I read. I’ve never found a newsletter that’s scored a ‘perfect 10,’ but this week’s choice comes darn close.”

from a review by Dr. Mark Brownlow,

“Thought I’d drop you a line to let you know that your newsletter is the only one I ever read. Thanks for breaking through the BS and telling it like it is.”

Laura Briere, President and Founder, Vision Advertising

“I have to tell you that when I get the ‘You have Mail’ icon in my desktop tray and find out it’s from you, I stop everything I’m doing and read what you have to say. Even when it doesn’t apply to me, I’m still yearning every other week for the newest edition of ‘E-Newsletter on E-Newsletters.'”

Lucy Casimir, Study Island

“You are so DAMN CLEVER. I enjoy each and every one of your missives. You make such good points in the most entertaining, thought-provoking ways. I love the teachable-story-moments from your life.”

Beth DePoint, Director of Public Relations, Rise, Inc.

“This is the best newsletter I’ve ever subscribed to. The topics are very relevant and Michael’s delivery is always successful. What I love is his sense of humour – I always find myself having a couple of chuckles. It’s the first newsletter that I’ve actually looked forward to receiving!”

Juliet du Preez

“As always, your message is invaluable, succinct and on the mark”

Rosalind Joffe, Principal, CI Coach

“I devour your newsletters. They always remind me of the importance of humor, heart, and especially, great content targeted to the audience’s needs. I recommend your work to everyone building a web presence – it’s terrific advice not only for e-newsletters, but for any website, blog, or email communication.”

Brenda Power, Choice Literacy

“I was immediately swept away by its clean and friendly design and by its amazing relevance. I dropped everything and read every word on your site. The most useful info I have seen in weeks, or possibly months.”

Laurie Cullen

“Just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic e-newsletters. As a small business owner who recently (and nervously) started writing e-newsletters, I have found your information enormously helpful. I receive quite a few newsletters, but yours is always opened and read immediately!”

Faun Zarge, Work-Life Trainer,

“Your newsletter brightens my week and always provides a nudge to make my work better. Thank you for that gift wrapped up inside the package of useful, thoughtful content.”

Lori Buffum, Website Writer/Editor

“I just wanted to let you know that your newsletter is a welcome interruption in my day, and I look forward to reading it EVERY TIME. Even if I’m overloaded with other pressing work things.”

Ketesah Trudeau, gravity switch

“Having sampled several of your archived newsletters I am as hooked as one of Ali’s challengers. At the risk of being accused of faint praise I have to say BRILLIANT u r.”

Michael Brown, Melbourne Mailing

“I always smile when I see your newsletter in my box. I know that it will not only include great industry tips, but will also be so well written that it serves as pure entertainment. Love your breezy delivery.”

Courtney Cooper, Benamy International, Inc.

“I just wanted to say thank you for your informative, insightful, personal, enjoyable and ‘real’ newsletters. I delete many that come into my inbox – but yours I look forward to and actually read!”

Liz Garratt, Harmony By Design

“I treasure newsletters such as yours because of the clear commitment to simplicity. I know for a fact, when I open your newsletters, that I’m going to get a humorous, thorough, well-seasoned dose of useful information on a single subject. What a joy to read!”

Hawa K. Bond

“I want you to know that you have one of the best newsletters on the planet! I’ve been a loyal subscriber for years and I always look forward to reading your newsletters.”

Matt Zembruski, Entrepreneurial Talent Scout

“I must admit — I am a fan of yours. I find your newsletter a splash of joy and refreshing. Your choice of analogies in getting your point across is wonderful. As I read each issue of your newsletter, I find myself ‘smiling and nodding’ in self recognition.”

Hank Stroll, Publisher, InternetVIZ

“Your newsletter is one of the few that I actually read as soon as it arrives. It’s beautifully written and truly useful, and it provides that little bit of inspiration that I need every so often.”

Bud Stolker, Landmark Computer Laboratories, Inc.

“This is just the way an e-newsletter should be written. It’s a real personal touch, informal, quirky and appealing — you get it just right!”

Debbie Weil, publisher WordBiz Report

“I receive at least 20 different ezines every month. Yours is my favorite.”

Dr. Bruce Katcher, President, The Discovery Group

“I love every single issue”

Bruce Weinberg, Associate Professor of Marketing and Ecommerce, Bentley College

“I enjoy your fresh, to the point, spiced-with-humor writing style.”

Linda Mead

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, for providing an e-newsletter that I anticipate and reread frequently! I have forwarded your newsletter to all and have really improved the communication with my clients due to the information and tips I have received through your emails.”

Kari Morse, Creative Memories Independent Consultant

“I always stop what I am doing to read your newsletter when it comes. The three minute investment, even if I am in the middle of something else, always is more than worth it.”

Richard Cohen, Founder, School Mediation Associates

“Unfailingly charming, funny and informative. It’s also really well written — praise I don’t throw around lightly, as I’m a writing coach.”

Daphne Gray-Grant, The Corporate Publication Coach

“Keep up the great work. You always make me think and often inspire me.”

Peter Weber,

“Of all the newsletters I get in the mail, yours is by far the most entertaining. Regardless of the topic, I always read it and enjoy it.”

Kimberly Reddington, President, CereusWomen

“I’m glad I somehow wound up on your mailing list. Your newsletters are outstanding in advice and clarity.”

G. Rogers

“There is always a bit of humour accompanied by thought provoking discussion. In my opinion you provide great advice in a very readable package. Congratulations on an excellent product.”

Eric Turner, CrisisExperts

“Reading it is like sitting down with editor Michael Katz for a one-on-one coaching session. . . a relaxed, personal style.”

Janet Roberts, Associate Editor, List-a-day Biz Archives

“I thoroughly enjoy reading your E-newsletters. They are fun and full of valuable information. Making it fun makes it easy to read. With all the information constantly barraging us on the information highway, yours is a delightful Sunday drive.”

Robin Dietrich, We Offer Wellness

“Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your e-newsletter. I not only look forward to reading it (unlike many newsletters), it’s given me permission to write in my own voice.”

Marian Marbury, Adventures in Good Company

“I get other business newsletters but yours is the best, best, best.”

Theresa Knox, Knowtify Business Development

“I love your writing style and know when I read one of your newsletters I will learn something, laugh or be inspired. Sometimes all three.”

Diana Eastty

“Just want to thank you for the inspiration you give me as a young, new-ish, small business owner. Your letters are an encouragement and a breath of fresh air.”

Tara Morris, Tara Marie Photography

“The story, the lesson, and the advice are always so neatly tied together. Thoughtful, entertaining and useful — and for someone like me, something to aspire to.”

Teg Rood, Rood Consulting

“Just wanted to say that you are as interesting, persuasive, and funny in cyberspace as you are in person. Your material rings with commonsense, while still being fresh.”

Harriett Magee, Editor/Writer

“Like most people, I receive a lot of email newsletters but yours is the only one that I stop what I’m doing and read when it comes in. I really like your wit, humor and way of making things clearly understood. I’ve been thinking of starting a newsletter myself for quite awhile and every time I read yours it makes me want to start even more.”

Michael Mott, “Chief Mechanic,” Presentation Mechanics, LLC

“Another clear, useful newsletter. What I realized about your newsletter (and you can quote me on this) is that I read it when it comes, Vs. filing it to read later when I have time because I am looking forward to reading the personal, usually entertaining anecdote that you use to illustrate your point. This week, again, I was not disappointed!”

Kathie Gow, Co-Founder,

“I have to say, I love your newsletter! You’ve reminded me how we can treat serious information in a humorous way,”

Carrie Groves, Quality Connections of Ft. Collins

“Your personal writing style (without being too wordy) and sense of humor lure me in each month to read your newsletter. And I almost always learn something… and I always enjoy it.”

Tim Carver

“Every e-newsletter you send has at least one important piece of info relevant to my company – keep up the great work!”

Greg Bebezas, Founder and Editor-in-Chief, The Fantasy Football

“Cuts to the chase; brings things to the point; simplifies and identifies what the hell is the goal.”

John Felegian, President, Bay State Calendar

“I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles. They are well worded and I feel like I’m reading a letter from a friend. Thanks for all the info and great advice you provide in the emails.”

Wendy Catarino, The Marketing Group, Inc.

“I loved your style, humor, and COMMON SENSE! Bravo!”

Margaret Rouse. Assistant Editor, TechTarget, the leading network for enterprise IT Web sites

“I was very fortunate to have come across your site when developing my own newsletter. Your suggestions served as the backbone of my program. Many thanks for all of your help and suggestions.”

Mike Klemme, Golfoto, Inc.

“I just had to write to say that I completely enjoy and look forward to receiving your e-newsletter. I not only find them helpful, insightful, and useful, but thoroughly entertaining.”

Elizabeth Henkel, Schooner J. & E. Riggin

“Your relaxed way of writing and the hilarious anecdotes you use to join marketing and real life are priceless! I look forward to seeing the next issue in my inbox every few weeks and immediately go and read the newsletter as soon as it arrives.”

Gabrielle Fitzgerald, Instabox Alberta Inc.

“Your newsletter is always read because it is guaranteed to be short, to the point and interesting…and best of all you illustrate what you say by what you do…perfect match.”

Dave O’Connor, President, Meeting Connections

“Can I just say how much I enjoy your newsletters. I subscribe to many different ones, but end up unsubscribing from most. I’ve been ‘with you’ for ages. Thanks, and keep it up.”

Peter Griffin

“I love your newsletter, very imaginative way in delivering practical advice.”

Caswell Forrest, Founder & President, Klondike Marketing

“Your ideas really resonate with me as I’m trying to take my consulting work to a different place. Thanks for all your efforts.”

Debra Crouch

“After all my years in this business, all it took was a brief encounter with your site this morning, and here I am — a new convert to the merits of the e-newsletter. Many thanks.”

Jonathan Hughes, Copywriter

“I love all the insightful (and often humorous) content that you manage to find week after week. As a fellow newsletter publisher, your ezine has really helped me to stay informed and to increase my readership.”

Matt Zembruski, Momentum Coach for Small Business

“I remain impressed by your ability to bring personal observations into the theme of your message. It makes your points more powerful and memorable.”

Michael Leary, VP Training and Development, upChannels

“Your e-newsletter is one of the few I read regularly, mainly because you’re one of the few who knows how to write a good headline and tell a good story.”

Julie Pierce, Communications Consultant

“As a fellow human and small business guy, I appreciate the salad bowl of life, humor, and business insight you mix in your writing.”

Wayne Cerullo, Insighting Ideass

“Emails keep clogging up my mailbox and I have far too much to do, but I’m never too busy to read the Blue Penguin newsletter. Funny, refreshing, educational – all in one. Please keep up the good work!”

Edgar Valdmanis, Marketing Director, The Norwegian Computer Society, Oslo

“I’m always sure to get a chuckle and some valuable tip when I break from what I’m doing and read your newsletter.”

Cynthia Shanahan, Founder, I-Collaborative

“Thank you for your enewsletters. I always read them, have a good chuckle, gain bits of valuable information, and pass them along to others. Keep up the good work.”

Beth Sousa, Families First Parenting Programs

“I always smile a few times while reading your newsletter.”

Ross Lasley, President, KISS Computing

“In the ongoing deluge of email, I always take the time to read your newsletter. Thank you for a nice break from the mundane — and for offering such useful marketing tips.”

Dave Cohen, CADTRAIN

“Your newsletters are always great and I look forward to receiving them. Your approach of taking a simple, everyday event or experience and making a lesson out of it works wonderfully.”

Richard M. Rossman, Quinn Printing Company

“Once again I’m tickled by your newsletter. Thank you for the valuable information with a side of humor.”

Elizabeth Henkel, Maine Adventure Sails

“Your writing is superb.”

Birdy Ellsmore, Executive Director, Collaborative Resource Exchange

“Thank you, Michael. Your newsletter is always fresh, inventive, funny and a pleasure to share with my clients.”

Lorrie Kazan,

“You’re consistently hot. Great content and breezy.”

Don Cantin, Father of Marketing, Don & Jean Cantin Advertising & Marketing

“Really great stuff — I think it is clear to your readers that you have expertise in your field.”

Jim Schaffer, President, Jim Schaffer & Associates

“Just another fan letter to add to your growing pile. I continue to be extremely impressed with your writing.”

David Hessekiel, Founder, Matchmaker Marketing

“I look forward to your newsletter. I always learn something, smile and laugh. Thanks.”

Paula Harris, WH Cornerstone Investments

“Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your bi-weekly newsletters. They are short, to the point, informative, insightful and fun to boot.”

Charlotte Davis

“I continually learn from your newsletters, Great Job, thank you.”

Tim Reilly, North Safety Products

“I love these newsletters, very personal, interesting and of course, informative.”

Keilee Kramer, Editor, WeeklyWorkz

“I always feel positive about what I’m doing after I read your newsletter, thank you!”

Anne Alvarez, isaka studio

“Every time I get your newsletter, I want to jump up and down and yell, YAY!!!”

Paula Schlauch, Performance Support Systems

“Anything coming from you is worth opening. Period, end of discussion.”

Rasheed Hooda,

“Your newsletter is a joy to receive and one of the first emails I open immediately. If you were on tour I’d be a roadie.”

Yancey Foster