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Let me guess – you’re really good at what you do.  You’re experienced, smart, maybe even certified/credentialed in your field.

And you take exceptionally good care of your clients.  You’re attentive and generous with your time. You work hard to provide a high-value service.

And yet you don’t have all the business you’d like. You don’t know how to stand out from the crowd and stay top of mind – to take who you are and what you’ve done and translate that into more clients.

The Likeable Expert Advantage

For most professionals, the missing piece in their marketing is “likeability.”

Doesn’t capability matter? Of course. Without that, nobody’s hiring you. But it’s not a differentiator – all of your serious competitors are equally qualified and equally experienced.

Likeability is how prospects decide who to trust and who to hire. It’s how they separate you from the pack.

That means that in addition to demonstrating your expertise, you need to market and position yourself in a way that feels authentic and genuine. And that is long-term-relationship-based, not one-time-transaction-based.

Work With Me

My work with clients focuses in two areas…

Content Marketing/Copywriting: Web sites, newsletters, ebooks, special reports, blogs, promotions and other outwardly-focused communications.

Coaching/Consulting: Working with you (and/or your team) to position you as an expert, help you communicate more authentically, and guide you in leveraging your relationships and growing through word of mouth.

If you’re tired of living at the extremes of either aggressive sales tactics or professional invisibility, I can show you a better way. I can help you get more of the clients and work you want, by becoming a Likeable Expert.

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