One-On-One Coaching

If you can hack an iPhone or throw a baseball 100 mph, who you are doesn’t matter. Your point of view, intelligence, experience, ability to work with clients … nobody cares. They hire you because what you do is in demand and nearly impossible to find.

But if you sell a business commodity – financial services, consulting, recruiting, coaching, legal, etc. – it doesn’t work that way.

When all your competitors sell the same thing, the way you are perceived becomes the number one reason (by far) that you get hired.

But if you hide that – if you look, talk, write and market yourself like everyone else – you’ll disappear into the crowd like a middle-aged bald man at high school parents night.

My one-on-one coaching is about helping you clarify your focus, stand out from the crowd and generate leads for your business.

Together we will…

… translate the essence of what you do into clear and simple language.
… create consistent, authentic content that resonates with your prospects.
… use your authentic personality and strengths to reach the right audience.
… create marketing programs that lead to referrals and business growth.

My coaching packages include one-hour, one-day, three-month and ongoing options. Call me (my direct line): 508-497-0900.

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