Clearly Describing What You Do

If you don’t have enough of the clients you want, it isn’t because you’re not smart enough, or experienced enough, or capable enough.

“You helped me see the genuine voice and vision behind my company, and have given me a clarity and presence with my clients that I hadn’t had before.”

Rosalind Joffe
CI Coach

More likely, it’s because you:
1. Look and sound and behave like everyone else in your field. In your (understandable) eagerness to “look professional,” you blend in with all the other HR firms, financial planners, consultants, coaches or whatever it is you do. Unfortunately, “blending in” is the opposite of good marketing.

2. Can’t clearly and consistently explain what you offer. Being “smart and reliable and qualified” is important. But prospective clients need something to buy. Until you can succinctly package, price and communicate a set of offerings, prospects have difficulty moving forward.

This program is about changing all that – clarifying your unique voice and vision; consistently communicating your knowledge and expertise to your target audience; developing a set of simple, well-priced packages; conveying confidence and trustworthiness as a true expert in your field.

It’s about standing out – authentically, consistently and clearly.

This program includes:

  • A pre-work questionnaire about your business
  • Scheduled, one-hour phone calls with me
  • A review and evaluation of your current marketing communications: Web site, blog, newsletter, white papers, brochures, social media presence, etc.
  • Pinpointing your unique voice and point of view
  • Development of a clear description of who you are and what you do, as well as your ideal target client and program offerings
  • Unlimited e-mail and phone interaction with me during the program
  • 60 Days of my availability for follow-up questions
  • Optional, ongoing, monthly support and coaching

Contact me here to get started.

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