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Email List Secrets From a Newsletter Marketing Guru

“I recently learned about your e-newsletter book from a colleague and purchased it today. I read the entire thing this afternoon… I couldn’t put it down. Your writing style was so easy to read and your words of wisdom are priceless. I am an independent consultant, and have been contemplating an e-newsletter for a few months. You have convinced me that I should take the plunge! Thank you!”

Susanna Zysk Z. Ink, Communication
Consulting for Financial Services

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Here’s the thing. You already know that:

  • E-Newsletters generate leads.
  • E-Newsletters increase sales.
  • E-Newsletter position you and your company as an industry thought leader.
  • E-Newsletters are cheap to send, inherently interactive, and easily forwarded to friends of friends.
  • E-Newsletters give you an opportunity to reveal your “human side,” to show potential clients and customers that you’re more than just a vendor.

All great stuff. But here’s the problem: You don’t know how to write, when to publish, which formatting details matter, how to grow your list, where to get content ideas, and on and on and on.

It’s a great idea, but where do you start and how do you create something that’s worth sending?
That’s what this e-book is all about.

In just 80 pages, and in a clear, FAQ format, I’ll explain:

  • How do I decide what to write about? (Page 18)
  • How often should the newsletter be published? (Page 57)
  • How important is it to send an HTML newsletter? (Page 38)
  • How much subscriber information should I require at sign-up? (Page 56)
  • Where do I get the email addresses from, and how do I make sure I’m not “spamming?” (Page 54)
  • What’s the best editorial format? (Page 41)
  • How long should the newsletter be? (Page 42)
  • What do I do if I can’t write? (Page 27)
  • Should I “force” a visit to my web site? (Page 45)
  • Should I sell ads in my newsletter? (Page 46)
  • What goes in the “From” field when I send the newsletter? (Page 61)
  • What’s likely to go wrong? (Page 15)
  • What’s the correct mix of “promotional content” Vs. “real content?” (Page 28)
  • How do I manage email bouncebacks? (Page 60)
  • How do I define a target audience? (Page 21)
  • Can I send the newsletter as an email attachment? (Page 40)
  • How much hyperlinking is appropriate? (Page 33)
  • What’s the best day of week / time of day to publish? (Page 58)
  • What goes in the “Subject” line when I send the newsletter? (Page 62)
  • How do I use my newsletter and web site together? (Page 49)
  • Why is reader feedback important and how do I get it? (Page 36)
  • How do I get readers to forward my newsletter to colleagues? (Page 48)
  • Is it OK to rent my list of names to noncompeting companies? (Page 65)
  • How do I measure the return on my investment? (Page 13)

You’ll also get a 5-page E-Newsletter Launch Template and Checklist to systematically guide you through the thought process of your E-Newsletter. The template pulls the concepts and guidelines detailed in the book into a straightforward, simple tool that you can use as you prepare to launch.

Still not sure? Here’s what others have said about it:

“I wish every business book I purchased made as much sense, solved as many of my business problems as quickly, and made me WANT to write a review that glows in the dark! BUY THIS BOOK! It’s worth your money.”

Miles Sonkin
Japan Representative
High Probability, Inc.

“Hands down, of all the information I have researched in these last five weeks, you are the only person who has given me a place to start. Well organized, informative, straight-forward and personal.”

Paula Morgan
Computer Resources and Information Management

“When you properly apply Michael’s brilliant techniques, your customers will open email from you, read it, respond to it, and pass it along to others. If you want your customers to stay in touch with you, and to introduce you to other people, then read this book.”

Dr. Bruce D. Weinberg
Associate Professor of Ecommerce and Marketing
McCallum Graduate School of Business
Bentley College (

“Buying your book was the best money I’ve ever spent.”
Dave Ehlke
Geek Housecalls (

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