Content Marketing / Copywriting

Likeable Experts produce useful and engaging content.  That’s how others come to know and trust you, and how they “check under the hood” before deciding whether or not to pick up the phone and call.

But maybe you hate doing it. Or you’re no good at it. Or both.

Let me help you. I’ll work with you to determine the content you need and how to best use it, balancing professionalism with authentic, compelling copy, to whatever degree is right for you.

Check out the samples below. Then give me a call: 508-497-0900.


Project Description: An engaging web site that showcases the style and depth of an industry expert

Everyone claims to be an expert. So using the same tired words to describe your experience, capability and dedication isn’t going to help you stand out. This clear, fresh, concisely written web site highlights its owner’s resume and heft, while shining a light on her personality and unique story.

Target Audience: Professional associations and speakers bureaus
Voice: Accomplished and high-powered meets fun and energetic

Project Description: A free e-book that highlights both voice and expertise

What’s the best way to position yourself as an industry expert? Prove it with a well written, information-packed e-book. But if you really want to stand out, you need to take a position and express a powerful point of view. Offered as a free download to web site visitors, these five metrics are simplified and explained, showcasing the company’s expertise in the process.

Target Audience: Small and midsize home improvement companies
Voice: Clear, informed, opinionated

Project Description: A downloadable white paper combining personal story with expert insight

If the services you sell are nearly identical to those of your competitors (legal, financial, IT, leadership, etc.), your stories and voice need to be that much more intriguing and powerful. This short piece, developed for a high-end healthcare recruiting firm, uses a recent Springsteen concert as a jumping off point for offering hiring recommendations.

Target Audience: Healthcare CEOs and their direct reports
Voice: Human, friendly, expert

Project Description: A serious newsletter about a serious topic

Humor is not appropriate for every situation. This monthly newsletter on the topic of “urgent business liquidity problems” is anything but light and airy. It dives deep into the financial details but still includes plenty of real world stories and uses language that the nontechnical can easily follow.

Target Audience: Bankers, attorneys, CFOs
Voice: Sober, intelligent, experienced

Project Description: A laugh-out-loud article that makes a tech concept understandable and refreshing

Anyone’s who’s worked in the technical realm of internet marketing can tell you that trying to explain the basics of SEO at the neighborhood Christmas party will get you some blank stares and a lonely spot beneath the mistletoe. In this article, we bridge the ever-widening gap between techies and mere mortals by explaining SEO simply, through humor and metaphor.

Target Audience: Small and midsize business owners
Voice: 8 on a 10-point scale of over-the-top quirkiness

Project Description: 15-Second Radio spots that add some humor to your lunchtime lull

Mmmmm. What is that delicious smell? Oh, right, it’s the smell of some fresh-baked radio ads lightly toasted and smothered with a mouth-watering blend of humor and wit. While these funny radio ads might be slightly less edible than the average casual dining product, we made sure they had value far beyond the nutritional. Designed as part of an overall advertising campaign, these ads are short, snappy and hard to forget, much like our neighbor’s chihuahua.

Target Audience: Casual dining consumers
Voice:  Brief and funny, with a consistent rhythm across the series

Project Description: A tongue-in-cheek, revolver-in-jacket, webinar-promoting email

Oftentimes, my best writing shows up next to a picture of a tough guy wearing a gangster hat. Well, okay, maybe not that often. That said, this project promotes a webinar through some creative wordplay and extensive research done by watching the Godfather trilogy. While I don’t recommend laughter when confronted by a real gangster (I speak from experience), you’ll face no danger if you let out a few giggles while reading.

Target Audience: Solo professionals and freelancers
Voice: Not your father’s webinar invitation