Work With Me

Is This You?

Do you struggle with marketing your professional service business?

Do you feel like you waste a lot of time on tactics that don’t make a difference?

Do you have difficulty clearly explaining the work you do and the value you provide?

I Understand How That Feels. I’ll Show You How To:

Sharpen your focus: What you do, for whom, and why.

Clarify your positioning: What makes you necessary.

Stand out from the competition: What makes you different.

Find and use your authentic voice: What makes you trustworthy and likeable.

SimplifyDevelop straightforward and repeatable marketing tactics.

Make Your Marketing Work For You

Simple tactics that work consistently.

Stand out from the pack and your competition.

Confidently and clearly talk about the work you do and the value you provide.

I work exclusively with small professional service firms and independents (consultants, financial planners, coaches, etc.). If that’s you, and you are interested in developing a simple, repeatable, word-of-mouth marketing program that brings you terrific clients, month after month, please get in touch.

How it Works

  1. Call me (508-648-0570) or send an email to schedule a meeting.
  2. Create a plan with me to improve your marketing.
  3. Stop struggling with marketing; start seeing results.

  • "For the first time, I feel that my business has a unique and clear focus and I’m now attracting the kinds of clients I always wanted. Working with Michael is just about the best business investment I have ever made."

    Martha Freymann Miser, PhD
    Founder and President
    Aduro Consulting, LLC
  • "Michael’s focused question and answer approach helped us clarify what we do, why we do it, and perhaps most importantly, what makes our business unique. The value of these insights reaches beyond marketing, and has had a lasting impact on every aspect of our business."

    Richard Cohen
    Great Pond Resolutions
  • "Michael Katz is AMAZING. He’s all about leveraging the relationships you already have. I credit him with the reason our business EXPLODED the past few years. I HATE marketing and I HATE advertising and thanks to him, I’ve barely had to do either!"

    Sari De La Motte
  • "In short order Michael helped me clear the cobwebs out and clarify my positioning, launch a new website, launch a newsletter, and sharpen my writing skills. I started seeing results almost immediately, attracting a better type of client. "

    Jana Sedivy
    Founder and Principal
    Authentic Insight
  • "You helped me see the genuine voice and vision behind my company, and have given me a clarity and presence with my clients that I hadn’t had before."

    Rosalind Joffe
    CI Coach
  • "Michael is a complete pro who knows when to challenge and when to praise to help you achieve the results you need to grow your business. I am amazed at what we have created… really amazed. I will be eternally grateful for his help."

    Kathy Rowell, M.S., M.H.A
    Founder and Principal
    Katherine S. Rowell & Associates