Live Events

These webinars are live, Zoom-based classes. They’re intended to feel as close to a group workshop as possible, the only difference being that attendees are located all over the world, instead of in the same room. All you need to participate is a computer.

There is plenty of time for questions and interaction. We record everything, so you can refer to it easily after the fact.

Here’s what’s currently offered:

Storytelling in Business

(Thursday, March 18th, 2PM Eastern, 75 minutes)

The stories you tell – in your newsletter, blog, presentations, client discussions and more – are essential to standing out from the crowd, being remembered and getting hired. This 75-minute, interactive webinar will help you get (way) better at producing, using, telling and benefiting from stories in your writing, your presentations and your business overall.

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Beyond Email Newsletters

(TBD, 75 minutes )

E-mail is no longer enough. If you want to reach as wide a potential audience as possible – and grow your business as a result – publishing your newsletter is just Step One. Thanks to many (often free, highly automatable) tools, you’ve got the ability to take what you’ve created and share it in all kinds of ways, across all kinds of platforms, with all kinds of people. This webinar will show you how, simply and easily.

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Jumpstart Your Business

(Friday, June 26th, 2PM Eastern, 75 minutes)

Success isn’t just about working hard … it’s about working hard on the right things at the right time and in the right way. And, even then, there are no guarantees. But there are some fundamental things that will remove the roadblocks and maximize the likelihood that your solo professional business succeeds. The Jumpstart Your Business webinar is about giving you the foundation you need to build something – something strong and long-lasting.

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Word of Mouth Marketing

(Friday, December 11th, 2PM Eastern, 60 Minutes)

Ask any professional service provider where their best clients come from and they’ll all tell you the same thing: “Word of mouth.” The thing is, most professionals view word of mouth as a “fortunate coincidence.” I don’t believe that. This webinar will teach you why and how to clearly describe what you do, in a way that others can understand, remember and share. In the process, you will significantly boost both the word of mouth and inbound referrals you receive.

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Building Your Money-Making Machine

(Friday, October 9th, 2PM Eastern, 75 Minutes)

There’s nothing better than working for yourself. The freedom. The excitement. The chance to make your own path. The only problem, really, is the lack of a steady paycheck. This 75-minute webinar is about fixing that problem. We cover how to expand your range of services, how to reduce your reliance on any one type of customer, and how to smooth the income ups and downs that come with working solo.

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Pricing Your Professional Services

(TBD, 75 minutes)

Money! If you’re going to work for yourself, you need to get comfortable with setting rates, talking about fees, negotiating payment schedules, etc. It’s not necessarily the point of what you do, but it’s clearly a part of the mix. This webinar focused entirely on setting fees and handling the money aspect of working with clients.

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The Art of Finding Amazing Clients

(TBD, 60 minutes)

Clients! We love them, right? I said, right?! Well, the truth is, not always. Finding the great ones (while avoiding the bad ones) and working alongside them – long-term and to everyone’s benefit – isn’t always obvious or easy. This webinar is all about selecting great clients and improving the way you work with the ones you’ve got.

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Beyond Social Media: (Simple) Relationship Marketing for Professionals

(TBD, 60 Minutes)

If you don’t have a system for staying in touch with everyone you know, you’re working harder than necessary to get clients. Not only does this relationship marketing approach feel better to most professionals, it’s easier and more efficient than trying to pound the pavement, learn networking tricks and master sales techniques.  This webinar is about doing the kinds of things that come naturally to you, but in a broader, more systematic, ongoing way.

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How to be a Leading Expert

(TBD, 60 Minutes)

Every professional wants to be seen as an industry expert. And why shouldn’t we? … there really is no downside (other than the groupies). You can charge higher fees; prospective clients seek you out; colleagues send other people your way; members of the press want your opinion; organizations invite you to speak; and publications (online and off) ask you to contribute. This webinar explains how to make this work for you.

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