On Demand Products

If you like to learn in your own way and at your own pace, this section is for you. You’ll find books, podcasts, webinars and other prepackaged items. Everything in here is downloadable (so you get it immediately) and 100% guaranteed for a full 30 days (so you don’t have to worry about buying the wrong thing).

  • (10 Video Modules, Comprehensive Course)

    Email newsletters are a highly cost-effective way to stand out from the pack and stay visible in your industry as a likeable expert. This self-paced, 10-module course leads you through all the steps and elements needed to create a newsletter for your solo professional business.

  • (A Bite-Sized, Video Marketing Course)

    A bite-sized marketing course for the busy solo professional. This course represents the best information I’ve ever created in helping solo professionals become more successful. With 45 ideas and insights coming your way, this will make an immediate difference in your business.

  • (On Demand Webinar, 43 Minutes)

    Every professional wants to be seen as an industry expert. You can charge higher fees; prospective clients seek you out; colleagues send people your way; members of the press want your opinion; organizations invite you to speak; and publications (online and off) ask you to contribute. This webinar explains how to make this happen for you.

  • (On Demand Webinar, 43 Minutes)

    Ask any successful solo professional where their best clients come from and they’ll all tell you the same thing: “Word of mouth.” The best clients are those who come to you on the suggestion of a trusted friend or colleague. But it’s not a random coincidence; you can generate word of mouth for your business consistently.  This webinar explains how word of mouth really happens and how to make it work for you.

  • (On Demand Webinar, Two Hours)

    As business professionals, we need to communicate effectively with email. In this two-hour webinar, I’ll teach you how to do a better job (and with less effort). How to use your authentic voice; pinpoint your audience; use stories to make strong connections; and improve the way you write e-mail marketing content.