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Clients!  We love them, right?

I said, right?!

Well, the truth is, not always.

Finding the great ones (while avoiding the bad ones) and working alongside them – long-term and to everyone’s benefit – isn’t always obvious or easy.

There are a lot of moving parts and, like any good relationship, it requires time, effort and thought … both in choosing those who are the best match for you and in working together effectively over time.

But maybe you: 

  • Have trouble keeping your client projects moving forward
  • Are treated by your clients as a contractor/vendor rather than a partner
  • Don’t get paid regularly and on time
  • Go weeks without hearing anything and are then asked to “jump on something urgent”
  • Just don’t really like the people who hire you.

There’s a way to fix this

I have to admit, I made a lot of client management mistakes during my first few years as a solo.

I was good at “the work” but, as someone who at that point had zero experience as a non-employee, I had no idea how to deal with the daily business of client management: things like work agreements, payments and deposits, project scope, client communication, and more.

And I knew nothing about how to tell the difference – before work began – between a great client and a problem client.  It never even occurred to me to think of it that way. I figured a “great client” was anyone who was willing to write a check.

Yikes. It was depressing and difficult.

Well, I’m happy to say that through a lot of trial and error, that’s all changed dramatically over the years. Today, not only do I no longer take on work I don’t like, I don’t have a single client that I don’t enjoy and appreciate.

Avoiding years of mistakes and getting there for yourself and for your own business quickly is what this 60-minute webinar is all about.

In this small (25 person max), interactive class, I’ll share everything I’ve learned in my 17 years as a solo professional about selecting and working with great clients (and I’ll be happy to take and answer your questions along the way).

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How and why you need to develop a “perfect client” profile
  • How to spot, avoid and, when necessary, fire problem clients
  • Why you must require a significant deposit before beginning work
  • How to avoid “mission creep” and keep projects in scope
  • How to deal with “vanishing prospects” who suddenly go silent
  • How to keep busy clients on track during a project
  • How to get paid in full and on time
  • What to do about older, long time clients who are paying lower rates.
  • How to deal with “urgent” client requests
  • How to stay in touch and generate more business with past clients
  • Why establishing your personal “Rules of Engagement” solves most client problems

You’ll find a truckload (maybe two truckloads) of good information in here, all focused on selecting great clients and improving the way you work with the ones you’ve got.

The Client Management Fundamentals Webinar is just $199.00 ($149.00 if you register by Monday, June 12th).  Join me on Wednesday, June 14th at 2 pm Eastern and start improving your client relationships from start to finish.

Michael KatzI hope to see you there,

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Michael Katz
Founder and Chief Penguin
Blue Penguin Development

P.S. Can’t make it to the live class? No problem, go ahead and sign up anyway. We will be recording the entire thing (audio and visual) and all registered participants will receive a link to the video, an MP3 download and a copy of the slides, within 24 hours after the session is over.