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Inc. Magazine posed a question to five company founders: “You have $10,000 to spend on marketing. How do you use it?”

The five answers given were: co-op marketing, branding, social media, direct mail, and some incomprehensible gobbledygook about customer identities.

Well, thanks for nothing, Inc. Magazine.

That’s like asking five doctors what the key to long life is and being told: exercise, kale, weight training, finger-painting, and purple.

So, what’s the answer?

There isn’t one. That’s why building a business can be so frustrating – there is no recipe.

Success isn’t just about working hard … it’s about working hard on the right things at the right time and in the right way.

And, even then, there are no guarantees. Lots of things beyond your control come into play: luck, circumstance, the occasional worldwide pandemic.


… there are some things – some fundamental things – that will remove the obvious roadblocks and maximize the likelihood that your solo professional business succeeds.

7 Must Haves For Succeeding As a Solo Professional

When I left my last job in 2000, I knew nothing about working on my own.

Most of the things that contributed to whatever success I had as an employee had nothing to do with making it as a solo.

It was like landing on a different planet. My business-building “method” was just a jumble of random, sometimes frantic activity.

I had no sense of what worked and what didn’t or how the pieces fit together. I did eventually figure a lot of things out, but not before I wasted much time and money.

The Jumpstart Your Business webinar is about helping you avoid all that.

It’s about giving you the foundation you need to build something – something strong and long-lasting.

It covers seven “must haves:”

  1. Demand. Why you need it; where to find it.
  2. Focus. The key to moving past your competition.
  3. Consistency. The essential ingredient in being memorable.
  4. Self-Awareness. The leverage you get by selling your “superpower.”
  5. Repeat Revenue. How to remove the cash flow peaks and valleys.
  6. Expert Positioning. What it takes to look like the real thing.
  7. Constant Forward Motion. How to take meaningful action.

In 75 minutes, using specific examples from my business and those of my clients over the past 20 years (yikes, I’m old), I’ll explain each of these and how they apply to your success.

Whether you are just starting out as a solo or have been at it for a while but are not getting the results you’d like, this webinar will clear many of the obstacles.

Pay What You Want

In the past, most of my webinars have been priced at $99.00. We are going to make this one $49.00.

But that’s just the suggested price. In keeping with what we have done since the pandemic began, you are free to pay whatever you can manage.

Registration includes admission to the live class, a link to the video, and a copy of the slides.

Join me and let’s jumpstart your business.

Michael Katz
Founder and Chief Penguin
Blue Penguin Development

P.S. Can’t make it to the live class? No problem, go ahead and sign up anyway. We will be recording the entire thing (audio and visual) and all registered participants will receive a link to the video and a copy of the slides within 24 hours after the live session ends.