It Sure Beats Working: 29 Quirky Stories and Practical Business Lessons for the First-Time, Mid-Life, Solo Professional.

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Can’t decide? Here’s what other small business people are saying about it:

“Insightful and original. A clear, funny, essential guide for any newly minted solo professional”
– Betsy Harper, President, Sales and Marketing Search

“Read every word of this book and then buy copies for everyone you know. Michael Katz’s wisdom and humor are unmatched. This book will give you the courage and know-how to fly solo, thanks to a true pioneer who has blazed an inspiring path.”
– Lyn Chamberlin, Marketing and Branding Consultant

“Unfailingly charming, funny and informative. It’s also really well written — praise I don’t throw around lightly, as I’m a writing coach.”
– Daphne Gray-Grant, The Corporate Publication Coach

“‘It Sure Beats Working’ leaves me saying ‘I GOT IT!’ Without a lot of mumbo jumbo, I am able to apply the advice to my business and see results. I really loved the book. Thanks.”
– Cassandra Bromfield

“Michael Katz is one of the most insightful, down to earth and genuinely funny people I’ve ever known. He’s also one of the smartest, using both life and business as living laboratories. I’m sending one of these to all of my clients — I’d be doing them a great disservice if I didn’t.”
– Lissa Bergin-Boles, The SoulFullFilled Living Coach

“After laughing out loud while reading the preface, I decided I wanted to start every day with that kind of smile … a great way to feel a little less alone and a lot more motivated. Thank you!”
– Barb Levisay, Marketing for Partners

“Michael Katz’s book is an inspiring and insightful read, providing important lessons and tips for solopreneurs in a light-hearted and disarming way. Absolutely fabulous.”
– Michael Grover

“Your stories are terrific, and your humor makes many important truths much more palatable. I found myself re-reading certain paragraphs several times and jotting down specific points I wanted to remember.”
– Jenny Engle

“The story, the lesson, and the advice are always so neatly tied together. Thoughtful, entertaining and useful.”
– Teg Rood, Competitive Advantage from Operations

“Going it alone is hard work and huge fun. Your book provided a morale boost and some very sensible practical advice. Oh and it is very funny.”
– Neil Haddley, Dark Blue Duck

“I enjoyed your book very much. The chapter ‘Beware of Successful People’ particularly resonated with me. Being new to blogging, I’d been trying to follow established bloggers thinking I had to be just like them. That chapter was a kindly reminder to allow myself free rein, play, experiment and grow.”
– Reeta Luthra Pindoria, Paradox of Reality, Ltd

“It’s a great book. Simple, humorous, with your very personal stories to illustrate your lessons. Brilliant, really.”
– Cdin Jones, Student and Eternal, Infernal Budding Entrepreneur

“‘It Sure Beats Working’ really hit home with me. Michael’s stories and lessons are right on target and very encouraging for anyone striking out on their own, or considering striking out, for the first time.”
– Don Sadler, a freelance writer and editor

“Michael’s book shines a new light on choosing joy without working … I gave the book to an entrepreneur web designer wife of mine who applied just one of Michael’s principles and it transformed both her and her business.”
– Roger Wyer, BizWorks Studio

“At yoga on Wednesday the teacher and I were talking about how being in business for yourself means always being the same person, existing with friends/clients, etc. authentically. Your line about ‘Corporate Michael’ vs. the other really hit home.”
– Julie Shanson

“As a corporate America drop out I could relate to every chapter!!”
– Joyce Collins-Renfro, Transformations

“As somebody who writes as part of her job, I just had to let you know how much I enjoy your writing style. It is so enjoyable, and really makes me want to know more!”
– Lee McGraw, Hyannis Area Chamber of Commerce

“Thanks for breaking through the BS and telling it like it is.”
– Laura L. Briere, CEO & Founder, Vision Advertising

FREE! To get the entire 119-page book for free, just click this link.

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