How To Be a Leading Expert

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your webinar was fantasic

Every professional wants to be seen as an expert.

And why shouldn’t we? … there really is no downside to being viewed as an industry expert (other than the groupies). You can charge higher fees; prospective clients seek you out; colleagues send other people your way; members of the press want your opinion; organizations invite you to speak; and publications (online and off) ask you to contribute.

Being seen as an expert opens doors and, to use a really unappealing metaphor, greases the marketing skids. It takes all of your business-building efforts and makes them more effective, more efficient and more productive.

Like I said, there really is no downside.

The challenge, of course, is getting there. Moving up the ladder from “capable professional” to “industry expert” is very much worth your while. But it requires a consistent, well thought out approach to modifying the way you position yourself and the work you do.

The good news – and it is good news – is that being viewed as an expert is much more about how you put yourself out into the world than it is about becoming smarter, more educated or more experienced. Sure, you need to be all three of those too. But the thing is, you already are (incidentally, so are your competitors).

Your “non-expert problem” is not due to a lack of capability. It’s due to a lack of focus, a lack of visibility, and a lack of an authoritative, clearly stated point of view. There’s also (usually) a pretty healthy dose of “I’m not good enough / experienced enough / ready enough” thrown in there as well.

This one-hour, highly interactive webinar (attendance is limited to just 25 people) is about moving past those barriers and getting you on the path to expert stature. Join me on May 21st at 2pm EST (11am Pacific), and I’ll share everything I’ve learned in 10+ years as “an expert.”

“I just wanted to say thank you for your outstanding webinars. I have already implemented several of your ideas which have shortened my sales cycle and strengthened my relationships with my customers.”

Andrew Winig
The Elevator Pitch Coach

Here’s what we’ll cover in the How to be a Leading Expert webinar:

  • The benefits of being viewed as an expert
  • The difference between an expert and someone who simply has a lot of experience
  • How to describe who you are and what you do in a way that positions you as expert
  • The reason why experts don’t try to appeal to a broad audience
  • Why employees have resumes and experts have “bios”
  • Why and how to behave as an expert right now, even if you’re just starting out in business
  • How the words you use – in the things you publish, the e-mails you write, the presentations you give – position you (or not) as an expert
  • Why you need to publish content to be viewed as an expert (and how to do it)
  • Why you may be afraid to call yourself “expert”
  • Why certification, degrees and credentials have little to do with whether or not you’re perceived as an expert
  • How to get paid for your expert point of view
  • Why experts can give away information while non-experts must hoard it
  • Avoiding the mistakes that perpetual non-experts make
  • Why Ross Perot didn’t get elected president and what it has to do with you

I wasted a lot of time in my early years as a consultant, trying to stand out in a world filled with people who were equally (or more) capable, equally (or more) smart and usually, much more experienced. Learning how to present myself as an expert has made all the difference.

Tuition for this class? $125.00. A bargain compared to what you’ll learn and walk away with on the way to becoming an expert in your field.

I hope to webinar you there,

Michael Katz Photo

Michael Katz
Founder and Leading Expert
Blue Penguin Development

“This webinar was fantastic! … the content was excellent and Michael did a great job presenting … the perfect blend of informal and to the point, with lots of usable ideas. In a nutshell, the webinar helped me see how expert I already am, and how to make sure people know it!”

Catherine Cramer

“Loved the webinar. Funny and totally spot on. Sometimes these webinars are overpacked with information and rah-rah so that I hang up totally overwhelmed with no clue where to begin. Michael’s seminar was clear, grounded, and touched on several highly relevant, high leverage points about being an ‘expert.’ I came away feeling focused and clear on what I could do next.”

Bonnie Gallup
Bonnie Gallup & Associates

“LOVED, LOVED, LOVED Michael’s webinar! I can’t wait to get started!”

Jonn Karsseboom

“Great webinar! Thanks so much for keeping it simple and to the point. I particularly liked your emphasis on the Special Report as a way of establishing expertise. It felt good to know that I’m already doing some things right, as well as getting some specific actions to take in order to promote my expertise.”

Mary Cravets
Chief Matchmaker,

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