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How to Use LinkedIn Answers

No offense, but by the looks of you, I can see that you’ve been on Earth for some time now.  As a result, you probably know quite a few people, many of whom possess valuable information, particularly regarding trusted professionals and companies they’ve come to rely on. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily query these people whenever you needed a recommendation to one of these resources? Indeed it would be, which is why some smart person invented LinkedIn Answers, a free feature built into LinkedIn that helps you […] Click to read more…

Why Your Newsletter Needs Audio

Experienced newsletter publishers know one thing: The hardest part of the job is writing the content. And so once you’ve written it, you’d be smart (not to suggest that you’re anything else) to reuse that same content in other formats. In terms of bang for your buck, making your newsletter available in audio format is the best next step. I’ve been doing this with my newsletter for about five years now and have realized all kinds of benefits: 1. Some of your subscribers prefer listening to reading. Why? How should […] Click to read more…

How to Include Your Photo With Your Blog Comments

Have you ever wondered how cool people include their cool photos when coolly posting their cool comments to other people’s blog posts? Today’s Insightful Insight explains how, in one easy step (maybe two). Click below to watch this remarkable one minute and 33 second video (don’t tell me you’re too busy; I saw you hanging out on Facebook earlier). P.S. After you’ve done this, come back here and post a comment and see if it works!