Creating New and Repeat Revenue Streams for
Your Professional Service Business

a 75-minute webinar

Michael was able to distill his decades of experience into focused and valuable advice that resonated. The information he shared was real-world, practical, and incredibly applicable.
He has a way of simplifying and demystifying complex topics.
– Jeff Stasiuk

Do you want to keep working for yourself?

Me too.

No boss! No coworkers!! No dress code!!!

No clients or team members assigned to you. No pointless meetings or internal politics.

Total freedom to blaze your own trail and change the world as best you can. Every. Single. Day.

There is, however, one teeny-tiny problem … no paycheck.

Which means that …

  • When you stop working, you stop making money. Immediately.

  • When one project ends, you need to line up another one, right behind it.

  • The amount and timing of your income is variable and unpredictable.

  • If the market winds shift, and you’ve been selling just one type of service to just one type of client, you could be in trouble.

  • There’s no severance package, no retirement plan, no “take a few days off and come back when you’re ready,” should something unforeseen crop up in your personal life.

And yet, despite all that risk and uncertainty, for people like you and me, it’s so much better than having a job.

But it does require finding a way to earn enough money, with enough regularity, to live the life you want.

The Solution? More and Different Types of Clients, Work, and Revenue

I spent my first few years as a solo getting paid in exchange for “doing work.” In my case, it was marketing projects for small businesses.

It was OK, but it had all the limitations spelled out in those bullet points above.

Some months, I made a lot of money. Some months, I made close to (if not exactly) zero.

It was feast or famine and it was nerve-wracking. I never knew what the next month would bring.

I was either doing the work or chasing the work, neither one of which allowed me any mental space to enjoy the work.

Eventually, though, I had a BIG insight: I could offer my same set of skills and knowledge in different ways to different types of clients.

So sure, some people still wanted me to “do the work.”

But others wanted me to teach them or their staff to do the work.

Still others wanted to take a course or buy a product on how to do the work.

Now, instead of selling one thing to one type of client, I was offering many things to many types of clients.

When I made an important change to my pricing structure on top of it, things really came together.

I smoothed out the work flow – and the cash flow – giving me a predictable life and a steady income.

That’s what this 75-minute webinar is all about: How to (and this is the key) sell a wider variety of things to a wider variety of people, so that you can smooth the bumps in your revenue stream, generate more income, and sleep better at night.

Here is what you will learn (drum-roll):

  • How to expand your scope of services, one easy step at a time
  • How to reduce the variation in your cash flow and make your income more predictable
  • How one small change can immediately double the range of what you offer
  • How to remove geographic limitations and sell your knowledge to people all over the world, without ever leaving your office
  • How “subscription pricing” works and how to incorporate it into what you sell
  • How to create additional offerings to reach additional clients – without cannibalizing your existing work
  • How cutting your fee on certain services increases your revenue overall
  • How to give clients and others something of value at zero cost to you
  • How offering prospects more choice improves your close rate and positions you as “trusted  guide” rather than “pushy salesperson”
  • Why there is much to learn from yogurt (seriously)

The Building Your Money-Making Machine webinar on Friday, November 3rd will cover all of this and more.

Pay What You Want

In the past, most of my webinars have been priced between $99.00 and $125.00. But, as we have done since the pandemic, we are going to make this one $49.00.

And that’s just the suggested price. You are free to pay whatever you can manage, given your circumstances.

Registration includes live participation, unlimited post-event access to the video recording, and a copy of the slides.

Join me and I’ll lay out exactly what I do for my own business, show you how you can do the same for yours, and answer any questions you have along the way.

I hope to see you there,

mk sig

Michael Katz
Founder and Chief Penguin
Blue Penguin Development

P.S. Can’t make it to the live class? No problem, go ahead and sign up anyway. We will be recording the entire thing (audio and visual) and all registered participants will receive a link to the video and a copy of the slides after the session is over.