What is a “Likeable Expert?”

Michael Katz

Over the past 15 years, lots of professionals left their jobs to go off and work on their own (maybe you were one of them).

The problem is that while most of them are good at what they do, they don’t know how to translate that into getting clients.

And so the majority of their marketing is focused on trying to prove that they’re better: smarter, more capable, more experienced.

It doesn’t work so well. Because everybody else is trying to prove the same thing, often using the exact same words.

Besides, when it comes to assessing objective qualifications, prospects can’t tell us apart anyway (do you have any idea how medically capable your doctor is?).

The missing piece is “likeability” – something that prospects use in deciding whom to trust and whom to hire. And yet something most professionals overlook entirely when trying to market themselves.

“Likeable Expert” combines the two.

So sure, you need to be seen as expert, but that alone is not enough – all your serious competitors appear equally qualified. Likeability is how prospects separate you from the pack.

By “likeable,” I don’t mean becoming a “please everyone” person. In fact, it’s the opposite – being authentic in who you are so that those who would connect with you on a personal level can hear the real you.

And by “expert,” I don’t mean boasting. I mean creating content, owning a niche and sharing a clear point of view, so that other people come to see you as capable and qualified.

If you’re tired of living at the extremes of either aggressive sales tactics or professional invisibility, I can show you a better way.

I can show you how to get more of the clients and work you want by becoming a Likeable Expert.


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