Happy Clients

Listed below are some of the people and firms I’ve worked with. See if the specific benefits they mention line up with what you are looking for.

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For the first time, I feel that my business has a unique and clear focus and I’m now attracting the kinds of clients I always wanted. Working with Michael is just about the best business investment I have ever made.

Martha Freymann Miser, PhD
Founder and President

Michael is a complete pro who knows when to challenge and when to praise to help you achieve the results you need to grow your business. I am amazed at what we have created… really amazed. I will be eternally grateful for his help.

Kathy Rowell, M.S., M.H.A
Founder and Principal

Without fail, almost every time I talk to him, I learn something new about marketing. I have applied many of his teachings to improving our messaging, website and marketing processes. He makes my life much more simple.

Rob Black
Founder and Managing Principal

If you are searching for someone to refine your message to market, I would highly recommend Michael. My business flourished right before my eyes! Not only did my business change, but my confidence also deepened. I wish I would have done this sooner!

Audra Christie
Founder & CEO

I’ve known Michael for many years – I wish I had hired him to help me create a newsletter long ago. The process has been great and the impact I have seen, right from the beginning, has been powerful. My third newsletter is directly responsible for my getting a great new project from a former client.

Barry Horwitz

Michael helped me clear the cobwebs out and clarify my positioning, launch a new website, launch a newsletter, and sharpen my writing skills. I started seeing results almost immediately, attracting a better type of client. Don’t wait like I did.  Hire him now!

Jana Sedivy
Founder and Principal

The process turned out to be far more provocative – and confronting – than I had ever dreamed. But Michael was a great support throughout, and his consistency combined with humor kept me confronting what I had been avoiding for years. With enthusiasm, appreciation and a smile on my face, I recommend Michael Katz to everyone. Period.

Sarah Fontenot
Founder and President

Immediately after our first working session together I saw changes in my business. You helped me see the genuine voice and vision behind my company, and have given me a clarity and presence with my clients that I hadn’t had before.

Rosalind Joffe

Michael Katz is AMAZING. He’s all about leveraging the relationships you already have. I credit him with the reason our business EXPLODED the past few years. I HATE marketing and I HATE advertising and thanks to him, I’ve barely had to do either!

Sari De La Motte

I’m really proud of this newsletter, and would like to thank you for your help making it happen. I was concerned about providing actual useful content and I think this newsletter hits the mark in all three sections.

Andrew Cohen
CEO and Founder

After almost 10 years as a solopreneur, my business was in real need of a reboot. Working together, he helped me refocus, clarify and refine my niche, rework my client offerings, and put a structure in place for continued growth. I can’t recommend him highly enough for solopreneurs!

Marie Bankuti, PCC, CPCC, PMP

When we hired you we made the investment of time and money at a time when we could least afford it. I cannot tell you how delighted I am with the results. The process that you used to get the ‘voice’ of our company, who we were talking to and what kinds of information we wanted to give, was the most valuable marketing exercise I’ve been through in quite a long time.

Betsy Harper

Michael’s focused question and answer approach helped us clarify what we do, why we do it, and perhaps most importantly, what makes our business unique. The value of these insights reaches beyond marketing, and has had a lasting impact on every aspect of our business.

Richard Cohen

Michael taught me how to be authentic. I communicate like a human being seeking to connect with other human beings using humor, heart and shared, real-life experiences. Break the mold and break the rules with Michael; you will undoubtedly discover a line of customers who know exactly who you are and who want you for … YOU!

Allison Iantosca

Michael Katz is a brilliant editor – genius even. It’s like looking at myself in a mirror that makes me look 10 lbs thinner and 10 years younger – it’s still me, but a ‘better’ version. He’s the perfect coach: unflappable, masterful in his use of humor to get results.

Mariko Gordon, CFA
Founder, CEO and CIO

Working with Michael was one of the best and most enjoyable things I’ve ever done for my business. He helped me “productize” and release five services. Those products helped me to get more business last year than in any of the six previous years I’ve been in business.

Don Maher

For almost a year I’d been trying to do it on my own and I felt like I was spinning my wheels all the time. But now, everything has changed. I feel energized and purposeful in a way I haven’t for years. I’m getting the kind of work I love, with the kind of clients I want to work with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Belinda Wasser
Chief Rocket Launcher

He didn’t let me coast through our sessions – if something sounded off, he challenged me on it. As we worked together, I felt completely heard, validated and empowered. The result is a crystal-clear message that is easy for me to say and easy for others to remember.

Lisa Corrado
Goal Setting & Accountability Coach

Since January, when I started putting out my newsletter regularly, I have had 3 clients and former acquaintances get back in touch with me and hire me again. I have been approached for speaking opportunities, and have ‘stayed on the radar’ with some key constituents. Thank you so much for your vision on relationship marketing and all your help.

Alisa Cohn
Executive Coach

Michael’s Word of Mouth Marketing System has allowed me to sleep better at night. For the seven years I’ve had my business my main, nagging-at-my-brain issue was that I had NO marketing plan or process.  Michael’s program has given me a customized, totally do-able, and FUN marketing plan that I can start now.  One day after our last meeting!  Priceless.

Kelsey McCormick, M.S.

There’s not a week that goes by that at least one of Michael’s marketing ideas doesn’t come up and get put into practice. There’s no possible way of overestimating the effect your very excellent advice and ideas have had on my business!

Debby Brown

Michael Katz is a true marketing genius. I asked him to help me with a website for my new book. To my surprise and delight, he started by focusing on understanding how I wanted to position the book, and how this juxtaposed with my academic and business activities. This was a critical, but very subtle issue, and only Michael would have started with the really important underlying issues. 

Jonathan L.S. Byrnes
Senior Lecturer, MIT

For a solo professional, working one-on-one with Michael is a gift you give yourself. He shares his vast knowledge of marketing generously. He coaches with humor and compassion, but tells it like it is. Most of all, he vests himself in your goals, so that you feel less alone and more able to accomplish them. 

Evelyn Starr
Chief Marketer

Your work with us in developing our E-Newsletter has elevated our position with clients and colleagues. You’ve given us an effective way to communicate with our target audience, and in a way that reflects who we really are. Blue Penguin has been a pleasure to work with, and you’ve delivered on every promise made.

Allan Goldstein

Michael Katz of Blue Penguin Development is the guru who brought relationship marketing into my life, helped me find an outlet for my latent creativity and an electronic tool to help my small business clients in targeted, productive ways. Bravo, Michael!

Marijo McCarthy, Esq.

You helped us focus on who we were and who we were trying to communicate with. In essence, it was a review of our business — clients, products, strategy. Michael is great to work with, offers insightful comments and his guidance is right on target. I wish we’d done this sooner.

David Wyndham

Michael Katz has a one-of-a-kind laser vision. His philosophy of customer relationship management isn’t only brilliant — it is a methodology that makes companies more profitable and brands more visible, with customers coming back again and again.

Lyn Chamberlin
Executive Director of Marketing, Communications & Enrollment

To reach our goals, we needed — and had been looking for for a long time — a business development process that reached a wider (and targeted) audience, communicated our message consistently, reflected our unique approach, was cost-effective and fun to implement! Michael Katz gets it, gets us and gets it done.

Phil Corcoran, CFP, CIMA

Blue Penguin provides a unique combination of pragmatic marketing know-how with a visionary strategic sense. Michael Katz combines intelligence, humor and hard-nosed practicality to get you to get the most out of your brand. Do I recommend Blue Penguin? No way! I want to keep it all for myself.

Rick Hendrie
President & Chief Experience Officer
Remarkable Branding