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Podcast: Your email newsletter on LinkedIn?

Marketing Mentor Podcast

“If you struggle with your email newsletter, this episode is for you. I talked with the very funny Michael Katz, a marketing consultant who specializes in email newsletters for professional services providers, all about Linkedin’s new newsletter feature and the perennial question (from writers and non writers alike): what the heck should you write about?”

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Podcast: Should I Create an Email Newsletter?

Decision Vision

“Do you need an email newsletter? How long should it be? What should you write about? Although written off quite a few times, email is still not dead. Mike Blake’s guest Michael Katz, email newsletter authority with Blue Penguin Development, discusses the strategy of email newsletters, how to make them effective, how to make the most of the content, and much more.”

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Podcast: Success as an Independent Professional

Business RadioX with John Ray

“Michael Katz is an authority on email newsletter marketing for small professional services firms and solopreneurs. Michael shared with host John Ray how he got into his work, the power of story, why email marketing still works, how to decide where to place your marketing emphasis, and much more.”

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Podcast: How Newsletters Can Set You Apart From the Competition

Counsel to Counsel with Stephen Seckler, Esq.

“Today, a good marketing strategy should employ a healthy mix of marketing and business development. One tool that has been around for 20 years is e-newsletters.  In this episode of C2C, I welcome Michael Katz, an expert in marketing professional services and someone who knows a lot about e-newsletters, social media and the full array of tools that are available to market your law practice.”

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“What Do You Do for a Living?”

Psychology Today

“Michael Katz, founder of the marketing firm Blue Penguin Development, says that responding to this mundane question is not about saying something so profound that the person says, ‘I’ve got to hire you now!’ The probability of that happening is small.”

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Podcast: Marketing and the Solo Professional Life

Engage the Room with Stacey Shipman

“Being a solo professional isn’t for everyone. Michael Katz, founder of Blue Penguin Development has been a solo professional for almost 20 years. On today’s episode, we talk about the ups and downs of the solo life and why it’s one of the most rewarding choices one can make.”

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Podcast: Grow Your Business with the Likeability Factor

Home Business Magazine

“Since every industry is filled with experienced, capable people, standing out from the crowd – particularly if you live in a word-of-mouth world as most professionals do – is as much a function of being well-liked as it is of being good at what you do. Prospects have trouble discerning who’s objectively better; they have no problem determining who they trust. . .”

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Remarkable You! How to Stand Out and Make a Lasting Impression

Inc. Magazine

“Remarkable relates more to the idea of being buzz-worthy,” says Katz. “It’s about finding the thing that’s so interesting, or unusual, or creative about what you’re doing that I’m going to carry that story around with me in the hope of finding somebody I can share it with. . .”

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Podcast: The Likable Expert Advantage

Able Business Radio

“Michael Katz is a likable marketing expert for solo professionals. He came on the podcast to show you how you can get more and better clients by positioning yourself as a likable [fill-in-your-service] expert. No marketing budget? No problem! After listening to this episode, you’ll know how to attract all the clients you need with word-of-mouth marketing.”

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The skinny about freelance money: How to get comfortable with income, taxes and expenses

USA Today

“In all cases, explicitly ask, ‘When will the check be going out?’ And follow up. The people who will flat out lie to you are few and far between. That said, they will prioritize if cash is tight and you need to be in the front of the line asking…”

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Find Your Voice, And Your Market, With These Easy Podcasting Tips

Inc. Magazine

“Before interviewing Michael Katz, who produces a bi-weekly ‘The Likable Expert’ Podcast, I took a moment to write down what I admired about his work. Then I figured we could talk about it. I came up with seven points…”

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Content to Click Through

The Best Email Newsletters

“Email newsletters are officially part of the content marketing senior class. Just ask Michael Katz, founder and chief penguin of Blue Penguin Development, a Boston-based firm specializing in…”

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Newsletters, Emails And Coffee Dates: Win Business By Going Old-School


“E-newsletters may not be as trendy as Instagram or Vine these days. But they’re a cornerstone of how marketing consultant Michael Katz promotes himself (for the past 14 years, he’s…”

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Interview: Are You a Likeable Expert?

Stephen Lahey &

“In this podcast episode, Michael Katz and I discuss likeability as a key differentiator for professional service providers; why polarization is essential to standing out from the competition; the role of humor in marketing…”

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Interview: Michael Katz

Barefoot Writer Magazine

“Former corporate marketer-turned-self-employed writer Michael Katz has overturned one of the biggest fears new writers face when starting out. It’s the fear of selling – specifically, the fear the selling themselves and their services.”

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Interview: How to get subscribers from a live talk

Mark Silver & Heart of Business, Inc.

“Michael Katz, of Blue Penguin Development could be considered a ‘competitor’ if I believed in competition, in that he helps professionals become likable experts so they can get more clients, with a real focus on ezines. He hilarious. He’s smart. And he’s got some great insights into making live talks work to get you subscribers.…”

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Michael Katz: Pricing Your Services

Management Consulting News

“In this podcast, I talk with Michael Katz, about pricing for professional service providers. We talk about how you should price your services, the role of measurable value in your proposed price, and the part of the pricing process that most service providers should try to change now.”

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Small biz: Link e-newsletters to social media


“‘In the past if I subscribed to your e-newsletter and got it, I might forward it to a friend,’ says Michael Katz, president of Blue Penguin Development, a Hopkinton, Mass.-based marketing firm, and author of It Sure Beats Working. ‘But now if I tweet about it, I …'”

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Small Business Influencers


“Michael Katz is a guru of email marketing, and he has been educating small businesses about email marketing through Blue Penguin Development for over 10 years…”

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New Technology: Spiral Notebook Great Tool For Keeping Track of Conversations

Business Insider

“In any case Michael Katz, of Blue Penguin Development, is the ultimate email marketing guru. He’s recently started helping professionals build their businesses…”

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How'd He Do That?

MarketingProfs, Get to the Po!nt

“Michael Katz delivers Marketing Inspiration by showing visitors the tone they can expect in his content, and by turning what could be an annoying intrusion into an amusing primer with…”

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The Company You Keep

Fast Company, by Julie Sue Auslander

“Michael Katz, author of ‘It Sure Beats Working,’ heads up Blue Penguin Development, a service that provides customized, electronic newsletters for professional service companies…”

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Three Secrets for Executive E-Newsletter Engagement

The ClickZ Network

“While reading his book, ‘E-Newsletters That Work,’ I found myself nodding in agreement as he revealed his three big secrets to creating an effective e-newsletter. As he says, these secrets are simple, but …”

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Hopkinton Resident Pens Third Book

The Hopkinton News

“Michael J. Katz has just published his third book. The first one, he explains, “was entertaining, but not very useful.” The second, according to the author, “was useful, but not very entertaining.” This latest? Well, “is neither useful, nor entertaining” he explains, his grin revealing a wry sense of humor…”

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Interesting People: Michael Katz, The E-Newsletter Guy

Editorial Emergency

“Katz recently graced us with 90 minutes of his time, during which we learned that authenticity attracts the clients you want and repels the ones you don’t; that, trust him, you have more than enough to say; and that people tend to remember penguins, particularly blue ones.…”

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Newsletter Tips from Blue Penguin

Practical eCommerce Magazine, Interview with Mitch Bettis

“Michael spoke with Practical eCommerce’s Contributing Editor Mitch Bettis about the importance of communicating with customers, how to get the ‘genuine you’ into a regular electronic newsletter and what types of …”

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Overcoming the Barriers to E-Newsletter Success: An Interview with Michael Katz

Email Marketing Reports, by Mark Brownlow

“Michael Katz is a genius at finding the best way to provide value through your email content while driving sales through that same content. Something you’ll see reflected in his own biweekly newsletter. Here’s what he has to say about overcoming the barriers to e-newsletter success…”

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Like This, Only Better

Free Range Thinking, by Andy Goodman

“Printed newsletters may be easier to read and carry, but the electronic format can save you money, track usage more closely, and capture feedback instantly. . . In the course of our discussion, Katz offered five fundamental guidelines for creating effective e-newsletters.”

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Company Culture: Blue Penguin Development, Inc.

Mass High Tech

Blue Penguin Development, Inc. is this week’s featured company in Mass High Tech’s weekly company profile section.

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Blogs Offer Peeks Inside Small Firms

Boston Herald, Bizlines, by Cromwell Schubarth

“Not everyone, though, is sold on business blogging. Who wants to wade through all the randomness of a blog to get to something useful?’ asks Michael Katz, whose Blue Penguin Development in Hopkinton helps businesses create e-mail newsletters.”

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The Unoriginal Sin

Business Week, by Karen E. Klein

“In this post-Enron, post-Worldcom era, the job of reviving confidence in the marketplace may fall by default to entrepreneurs, says small-business development expert Michael Katz, whose outfit, Blue Penguin Development, teache’s small businesses relationship marketing…”

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In A Slump, Marketing Is Crucial

Boston Herald, Bizlines, by Cromwell Schubarth

“Many small-business owners trim their sales efforts during rough economic times, hoping to conserve cash and ride out the storm. But don’t tell that to Betsy Harper, owner of Sales and Marketing Search, a…”

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How the Web gives small firms a leg up on giants

Boston Globe, by D.C. Denison, "Business Intelligence"

“Who benefited most from the Internet boom? It might have been small-business owners. That’s one conclusion you could draw from a recent report by the US Small Business Administration entitled ‘ Strategies for Small Business Success.’ The study advances the idea that…”

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"Chief Penguin" Helps Break The Ice With Customers

Community Newspaper Corporation, by Cathy Flynn

“HOPKINTON — New acquaintances often ask Michael Katz why he named his electronic newsletter consulting business “Blue Penguin Development.” He looks them straight in the eye and says, with a straight face: “I was raised by penguins.” After watching the reaction, Katz breaks into a chuckle. With the ice broken, he talks about what it takes to build customer relationships and sales.”

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Sites Are On But No One's Home: Customer-Care Woes

Boston Globe, by D.C. Denison, Globe Staff

“Consultant Michael Katz admits ”it was a slow day” in the winter of 2001 when he decided to see just how responsive commercial Web sites were to customer inquiries. He chose a mix of 36 national and New England brand-name companies, visited each, found the ”contact” button, and e-mailed…”

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E-Newsletters: Making Your Customer Relationships Click

Bookselling This Week, by David Grogan

“Before beginning your e-newsletter project, make sure you have clear objectives, said Michael Katz, the founder of Blue Penguin Development, Inc., a consulting firm that specializes in the creation and management of effective e-newsletters. ‘Why are you doing this in the first place?’ he said. ‘Is it to generate sales? Provide a service? Or to connect with customers? …”

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Email Marketing: Reaching Customers and Driving ROI

Peppers and Rogers Group, by Valerie Kaplo

“Michael Katz serves as founder and ‘Chief Penguin’ of Boston-based Blue Penguin Development, Inc., a company that provides Web site consulting and coaching to traditional businesses. According to Katz, “We demystify the Web for experienced businesspeople and focus on helping…”

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Review: Different Rules, Different Tools, by Mark Brownlow

“As I wander the Web, looking for good newsletters to bring to your attention, I use a long list of criteria to judge each publication I read. I’ve never found a newsletter that’s scored a “perfect 10″, but this week’s choice comes darn close…”

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Even a Guru Needs Help with Web

Boston Herald, Bizlines, by Cromwell Schubarth

“Sometimes even the analyst has to spend time on the couch. Which is what brought Rick Hendrie, restaurant marketing doctor, to Michael Katz, Internet marketing doctor. Hendrie’s Cambridge consulting…”

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Fast times for small businesses; Technology and the Internet have given many start-ups a boost in making a go of it

Boston Globe, by D.C. Denison, Globe Staff

“When Michael Katz left a marketing job to launch his own consulting business, he had only three basic tools: a laptop, an Internet connection, and a telephone. That was eight months ago. Today, Katz presides…”

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