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Do you struggle with marketing your professional service business?

Do you waste a lot of time on tactics that don’t make a difference?

Do you have difficulty clearly explaining the work you do and the value you provide?

I can help.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve shown over 500 independent professional service providers how to develop simple, repeatable marketing programs based on word-of-mouth (which is where most of your clients and all of your best clients come from).

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Michael Katz, Chief Penguin
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Predictable Unpredictability

Did you see the eclipse last week? We drove to Burlington, Vermont to stay with my wife’s brother for a couple of days to watch it. It was spectacular; without question the second most fun I’ve ever had in three-and-a-half minutes. Afterwards, it occurred to me that an eclipse is kind of the exact opposite of life as an independent professional.  Reason #1. An Eclipse is an All-Encompassing Event I knew it would be big. But as the day drew closer, I was still surprised by how much it took over everything: […] Click to read more…