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What to say and how to say it,
so that people will tell others about you.

Ask any successful professional where their best clients come from and they’ll all tell you the same thing:

“Word of mouth.”

Not newspaper ads, not social media, not Google ad words.

Not cold calling, not sponsorships, not networking.

Not any of that. If you’re a professional service provider, it’s word of mouth, every time.

Which, of course, makes sense: The best clients are those who come to you on the suggestion of a trusted friend or colleague.

It’s better for them, because there’s less risk in hiring a “friend of a friend.”

And it’s better for you, because those who arrive via word of mouth are more likely to be a good fit for who you are and what you do.

The thing is, most professionals view word of mouth as a “fortunate coincidence.” Like finding ten dollars on the street, it’s great when it happens, but there’s nothing you can do to make it happen more often.

Or is there????

My entire business, for 20+ years, has been word of mouth-based. I do nothing – zero – that involves chasing strangers.

And I never have. Never spent a cent on advertising; never made a cold call; pay no attention to my search engine rankings.

Instead, I focus my marketing entirely on word of mouth: staying in front of the people I know and CLEARLY AND CONCISELY EXPLAINING WHO I AM AND WHAT I DO. (I put that in all caps on purpose.)

You see, what I’ve discovered is that word of mouth, while unpredictable, is not about luck.

Rather, by clearly and consistently describing what you do – and in a way that others can understand, remember, and share – you can significantly (I said significantly) boost both the volume and the frequency of inbound referrals, to you.

That’s what this one-hour webinar is all about. It’s about the words you use to describe the work you do.

Do it well, and people happily and effectively share you with others.
Do it poorly, and they forget who you are before you’re even done speaking.

In this live class, I’ll show you how making a few essential changes and improvements to the way you describe your work will vastly increase the leads and referrals that come your way.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The principles of word of mouth marketing
  • Why shiny elevator statements don’t work (and what to say instead)
  • Why capability and experience have nothing to do with generating word of mouth
  • Why narrowing your business focus is essential
  • Why being impressive and being remembered are not the same thing
  • Why how you describe what you do should never match what you actually do
  • Why word of mouth demands over-simplification
  • How most people (unknowingly) prevent others from spreading the word about them
  • The simple, 3-step, word of mouth formula that, once learned, you will never forget

This webinar is filled with real life examples and hands-on exercises that we will do together during the class session. I leave plenty of time – both during the class and at the end – for you to get all your questions asked and answered.

Pay What You Want

In the past, most of my webinars have been priced between $99.00 and $125.00. But, as we have done since the start of the pandemic, we are going to make this one $49.00.

And that’s just the suggested price. You are free to pay what you can manage, whatever your circumstances.


I hope to webinar you there,

Michael Katz
Founder and Often-Referred Professional
Blue Penguin Development


P.S. Can’t make it to the live class? No problem, go ahead and sign up anyway. We will be recording the entire thing (audio and visual) and all registered participants will receive a link to the recording and all the slides within 24 hours after the session is over.


Huge thanks for the program on word-of-mouth marketing, very worthwhile. I’d like to share why I will continue to attend your webinars and recommend your offerings to others in my networks:

  1. It’s easy. The pre-course communications rock! You make it so easy to register and pay, and then, to log into the webinar API. 
  2. We get jargon-free ideas we can apply today. Bonus: It’s well-paced, often funny, a nutritional break for the mind. 
  3. We learn from other solo pros we’d probably never meet in person, and this helps us feel connected to others. (That is the only thing I miss about my decision to leave corporate life, that community of purpose.) 

Once again, thanks so much.

Anne Mowat
British Columbia, Canada

What a wonderful seminar! What a life-changing hour! Michael, your seminar has made it all come together.

Mark Dillof, Ph.D., President
Sherlock & Zen, LLC, Business Consulting

I simply loved the class. I am always appreciative of Michael’s ability to focus like a laser beam on one aspect of your marketing.

Sam Underwood

Thank you for the useful and enjoyable seminar!

Ingrid Willenz-Isaacs
Certified Feldenkrais Method® Practitioner

Michael Katz was great. I’d like to bottle his knowledge for use on a daily basis. The webinar was very well done and seamless. Thanks!!

Susan Weiss
FGI Design