Wednesday, February 5th
2pm Eastern, 1pm Central
Noon Mountain, 11am Pacific

“Your webinar was fabulous. I’ve been searching for a way to harness the full power of story in marketing. I’ve stumbled along with hit-and-miss efforts. All the advice out there is very esoteric. You simplified the process beautifully. Thank you.”

– Julie Gubler


Everything we talk about that’s important to us, is story-based.

The sports teams we care about; local and national politics; whatever it is we did last weekend.

There may be facts and information beneath, but it’s the stories that make it interesting, memorable and worth paying attention to.

Now take a look at the content you create and the way you describe the work that you do.

Poof! If you’re like most professionals, somebody took away all the stories. All that’s left are a bunch of facts, credentials and assertions about how hard working and qualified you are.

It’s all true … but if the majority of your prospective clients are humans, it doesn’t connect or stick without stories to hold it together.

Here’s the good news:  Knowing how and when to weave stories and personal anecdotes into the way you market your business is not something you’re born with.

It’s a learned skill. Like playing the piano … or baking a cake … or yelling at children.

There are things that you can learn and deliberately put into practice to make your stories more effective, more interesting and a whole lot easier to produce.

And that’s important. Because stories – your stories and the connection they make with prospects, clients, colleagues and others – are a key to standing out from the crowd and getting hired.

Stories have many advantages…

They are easy to tell.
They simplify whatever message you are trying to convey.
They make you more memorable and more interesting.
They serve as a mental break for readers/listeners.
They (gently) force you to lose the jargon and communicate naturally.
They reveal what’s truly unique about you, your business and the way you work.

In short, when well done, they are your competitive advantage (particularly relative to your larger competitors).

That’s why I created this 75-minute webinar. To help you get (way) better at producing, using, telling and benefiting from stories in your writing, your presentations and your business overall.

Specifically, here’s what we’ll cover in the class:

• The 6 reasons stories are so effective
• A simple story-writing formula you’ll never forget
• How and where to find story ideas
• How and where to use stories in your marketing
• How to develop your authentic story voice
• Why details and personal experiences make stories come alive
• How stories help you stand out from your large company competitors
• Why you don’t need to be funny to tell good stories (really)
4 tools for making your stories really, really good

When we are done, you’ll feel comfortable using authentic, personal stories in the way you write, speak and market your business.

This webinar is filled with real life examples and hands-on exercises that we will do together during the class session. The class is small (25 person max) and interactive, with plenty of time and space for questions and feedback.

You’ll find a truckload of good information in here, all focused on stories and what they mean for better writing. And better presentations. And better marketing. (Maybe betterness overall, I don’t know.)

Michael Katz

I hope to share some stories with you there,

Michael Katz
Founder and Chief Penguin
Blue Penguin Development

“That simple story formula is great. I am using this system to make short videos. Got 1 done since the webinar. Ready to record the next one.”

Joanne Goding, VP, Manager
Moss Nutrition

“Thanks for a terrific presentation. Unlike many webinars which I find boring, passive and remote, yours was lively and useful and moved right along. I was actually disappointed when it was over!”

Alice Chapman, Principle Writer
The Food Tech Writer

“Fantastic! It made me realise my blogs were not personal enough. I love the simple story formula and already have an idea for my next newsletter, along these lines.”

Debra Bradley

I loved this webinar and I’ve been to many. Top of my list for delicious information I need. Michael certainly gives more, way more, than expected.”

Barb Johnson

“The webinar was terrific…lots of great content and useful tips. I’ve read/listened to other articles/webinars about storytelling but never before heard how to use a story…how to bridge a story with an insight. Ah-ha!”

Tina Mullen

“Bravo! Simple, straightforward, very helpful webinar.”

Abigail Harris
Creative Marketing & Business Strategist