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Does Whatever a Spyder Can

(Listen to this post, here.) I bought a new car the other day. A 2013 Ford Focus. I love it. Fun to drive (5-speed), seamless connection to my phone (I don’t even have to take it out of my pocket), great gas mileage (35 highway). It cost me $16,000. Not a lot, I’m sure you’d agree, for a new car. $16,000, in fact, is more or less the price of an option package on a high-end vehicle, something like the […] Click to read more…


Blue Penguin’s 13th Birthday Party

I just celebrated my company’s 13th anniversary. Good news for me, but even better for you because I’m throwing a party … an ice cream party … and you’re invited. Wednesday, July 17th, 2 -4 PM, at Kimball Farm, Westford, Massachusetts. More info (most of it useless) in the engaging, one-minute video below. Click here for directions and to RSVP! Click here for directions and to RSVP!    


Blinded By The Right

As it turns out, I’m not actually ambidextrous, as I had long believed. Ambidextrous, as defined by, means: “able to use both hands equally well.” That’s not me. I don’t use them “equally well” – I use different hands (mostly my own) for different things, a tendency which, strictly speaking, makes me “Cross-Dominant.” (Note to Mom: Don’t worry, this has nothing to do with religion.)   Listen To This Post So, for example, I’m a lefty when it comes […] Click to read more…