Monthly Archives: January 2013

How to Stop People From Opting-Out of Your E-Newsletter (sort of)

Many of those who publish newsletters are overly concerned with controlling opt outs. I understand, it’s heartbreaking when it happens. This two-minute video explains how to stop it (and why it’s not worth worrying about in the first place).   Click below to watch… (Move slider at bottom of video to adjust volume!)    


Give The Gift Of You

(Listen to this post, here.) I have two questions for you, both based on the following, hypothetical situation: Suppose I told you that in my spare time, I had developed a solution to one of your biggest life problems – the kind of problem that literally keeps you up at night. I don’t know … maybe I discovered a way to help you lose weight and stay in shape effortlessly. … maybe I can show you how to save so […] Click to read more…


Drink More Coffee, Get More Clients

You know what I like to do? Meet people for coffee. Is it because I love coffee? Yes. Is it because I love people? Pretty much. But the main reason is because it helps me grow my business. Today’s two-minute video explains how. Click below to watch… (Move slider at bottom of video to adjust volume!) Webinar:    


Is Your Ice Too Nice?

(Listen to this post, here.) I might be exaggerating, but I bet I’m the only person in my entire town who woke up yesterday morning happy that it was just three degrees out. Three degrees is cold, even for New England. But when I jumped out of bed, ran over to the thermometer and saw 3.2 on the screen, I could hardly contain my excitement. Was it because I left $50 worth of fresh shrimp in the backseat of my […] Click to read more…