Show Some Style

I’ve never tried to disguise my love for my Roomba, a robotic vacuum cleaner that gets the job done while perplexing both my dog (who can’t figure out what it is) and my family (who can’t figure out why I love it so much).

That’s one of the reasons this editorial in last Sunday’s Boston Globe caught my eye:

But the main reason is the point the Globe is making, praising Northeastern President Joseph Aoun, who stars in four “funny video shorts advertising a series of guest lecturers at his school.”

My favorite line in the piece was this: “Aoun’s outreach may be quirky, but it’s refreshing at a time when many university presidents are seen by students as corporate-like fundraisers in chief.”

I couldn’t agree more. For those professionals who are afraid of seeming unprofessional, here’s a serious guy in a serious position showing some personality (and not hurting his brand one little bit).

You can watch the Roomba video here (try not to smile too much):

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