Just Keep Connecting

Today I received this newsletter from my old high school buddy, David: http://tinyurl.com/8bpahgu
He writes about nonprofits and he gave an example of how a slight change in the offer to donate can make a big difference in results.  I had the exact same experience in the pet store over the weekend (you need to read the post to understand what I mean) and so I clicked the link in his newsletter and commented here: http://tinyurl.com/8jk3voc
Couple of hours later, the author (someone who works with David) commented back.
I also posted it on my LinkedIn page (see image below).

So here’s the result:

I strengthened (not a lot, but a little) my connection with David by commenting on his page.
I created a new (small, but something) connection with the woman who works for him.
I created content (i.e. visibility) on my own linkedin page that is now seen by all the people with whom I’m connected.

Notice also that nowhere in here was I selling or even marketing.  Just connecting.
Notice also also that it’s extremely likely that nothing I did today will bring me any new business today (or maybe ever).  Of course, running around the block once won’t get you in shape either, but day after day …. marathon!!!
Just keep connecting!


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