6 thoughts on “Leverage Your Positive Press Coverage, Part II

  1. Larry Severance

    In addition to showcasing your articles where you are quoted. What’s the best way to get attention of a newspaper or publication editor to want to quote you or write an article? Or are my press releases just too boring? Thanks for all your great tips. Much appreciated!

    1. Michael Katz Post author

      I think press releases (for the most part) are not very effective anymore. The press — the people you hope will quote you — are out there looking for real people doing real things every day, so you want to be found by them.

      For me, most of it has come from my newsletter, my web site, posting comments on other people’s blogs, and public speaking. When journalists need an opinion or comment on a particular thing, they google it or ask around, just like the rest of us.

      So, you need to publish and you want to be somewhat narrow so you’re more likely to be selected when there’s a need for a comment.

      All the best with it, Larry and thanks for commenting!


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