Why Your Newsletter Needs Audio

Experienced newsletter publishers know one thing: The hardest part of the job is writing the content.

penguin headsetAnd so once you’ve written it, you’d be smart (not to suggest that you’re anything else) to reuse that same content in other formats.

In terms of bang for your buck, making your newsletter available in audio format is the best next step. I’ve been doing this with my newsletter for about five years now and have realized all kinds of benefits:

1. Some of your subscribers prefer listening to reading. Why? How should I know; do I look like a scientist? They just do and when you make your newsletter available in a different format you open it up to a new group of people who might otherwise pass you by.

2. You can repackage it in other ways. In addition to recording my newsletters, I have a channel on iTunes (it’s free) that houses all the recordings. Also, I periodically take seven or eight tracks on a particular topic, stamp them onto a physical, audio CD and mail them / hand them out to people. These never fail to impress.

3. People will think you’re all new media cool. Not amazingly cool (you need to do video for that), but cool nonetheless. They think it’s harder than it really is and by offering audio you’ll move up a rung in the eyes of clients, prospects and teenage offspring.

To get started, I highly recommend getting an account with Audio Acrobat (affiliate link). I’ve been using this service since 2006 and not only does it work flawlessly, they make it easy.

See you next time, my soon-to-be audio-enabled friend.

2 thoughts on “Why Your Newsletter Needs Audio

  1. Katherine Andes

    Aaaargh! As I woke up this morning, I was thinking about doing a podcast of my email newsletter. But I thought, my newsletters are so short, I really don’t need to. Happy.

    Then I get up and open my in-box and there you are! Nag, nag, nag. I surrender. One more thing to learn to do this weekend …

    And why is there no podcast with yours above?


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