Monthly Archives: August 2011

How to Include Your Photo With Your Blog Comments

Have you ever wondered how cool people include their cool photos when coolly posting their cool comments to other people’s blog posts? Today’s Insightful Insight explains how, in one easy step (maybe two). Click below to watch this remarkable one minute and 33 second video (don’t tell me you’re too busy; I saw you hanging out on Facebook earlier). P.S. After you’ve done this, come back here and post a comment and see if it works!


The Unwritten Rule of E-Newsletters

I got a call yesterday from Carol in Nashville. She was convinced of the value of an E-Newsletter for her business (smart woman) and she was thinking about picking up a copy of my E-Newsletter System to help her get going (she may even be a genius). But … she hates writing. “I’m great with a microphone,” she said, “but when I write it sounds stiff and formal – I absolutely hate doing it.” Given all that, Carol wanted to […] Click to read more…