How’s Your Email Look on an iPhone?

Lots of people read their email on some kind of mobile device (like an iPhone).  So, just as in “regular” email, it matters to you – as a sender of marketing-ish emails – how these emails show up.

Here, for example, is a look (at right) at how my last newsletter appeared i
n the preview window of my phone when I published a week ago.

Notice that instead of just the usual blah, blah default text at the beginning, I’ve got a descriptive phrase – “4 elements of authentic marketing.”

Not Shakespeare, I grant you, but enough to give you a reason to open, assuming that topic is of interest.

Here’s how it looked (at left) in the newsletter itself, waaayyyy up at the very top. 

It’s at the very top, because it’s the first text in the entire newsletter and therefore, what my iphone picks up to put in the preview window.

If you’re a Constant Contact subscriber (and if not, why not?), you can edit this text in the “Edit Message Settings/Header” when you set up your email.  Here’s a look at how I did it last time:




15 thoughts on “How’s Your Email Look on an iPhone?

  1. Michael Katz

    Bruce and Tim — Glad it hit the spot. And yes, those arrows were “hand drawn,” not like those generic, machine formulated arrows that the big chain stores use!


  2. Michael Selissen


    I’ll second your comment on sending out the tips separately. I’ve included “A Little Tidbit” section in my newsletter for the last several months with an embedded link. Analysis from my marketing ops department has shown that “Click-Through Rate = Bupkis”

    And thanks for the iPhone tip, too!

    1. Michael Katz

      Thanks Michael. Good to know there’s some statistical confirmation. And let me just say that “bupkis” is one of my favorite words — very juicy!


  3. Laura Foley

    Dynamite tip, especially since I was reading my email on my iPhone this morning. And I like the title. Did the Department of Redundancy Department come up with that?

  4. Scott Ufford Psychic-Philosopher

    Nooooo! Too much information! Brain cannot digest!

    Just kidding Michael, your format is perfect–particularly because you share such a pertinent helpful tip.

    Packing a big value into a quick package is like serving up $11.99 worth of food as a Dollar Menu entree–people will be glad to taste it, digest it–and look forward to everything else you serve up.


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