Dog-Based Humor

I got a terrific reminder card recently from my dog’s (Abbie) vet. In part, here’s what it said:

“Last month we sent a reminder card to Abbie and we are concerned that she has become nervous about a visit to the Vet and has hidden the card from you!”

As they say in France (or wherever), Touche.

Two things to notice:

1. They referenced “sending a reminder card to Abbie.”  Not to me, to Abbie.  Makes it more personal in that it’s written from her point of view.

2. They made it funny instead of the usual blah, blah.

I hear all the time about how “our business is too serious to be …” lighthearted, personal, funny, whatever.  I think it’s a big missed marketing opportunity. And I think Abbie’s vet is on the right track here (and yes, it prompted me to make her appointment too!).



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