You're Already an Expert

I got an e-mail this morning, inviting me to attend a free webinar tomorrow afternoon: “iPad Tips, Tricks & Apps for CEOs.”

What struck me about the invite was this line: “The webinar is led by an expert at helping CEOs get the most out of their iPad, Josh Penzell …”

Think about that. The iPad was launched a year ago yesterday (I looked it up) and Josh is already “an expert” on these devices. And you know what, I bet he is. Relative to the attendees of a webinar like this, who are quite likely at square one, I’m certain that Josh knows more than enough to deliver on the promise.

Why then, are so many professionals with decades of experience in a particular area or industry still afraid to behave like the experts they are
(if not claim the title outright)? Here as well, the audience for their services will never know even a tenth of what they already do.

I don’t really know the answer. But I do know this: You (and yes, I do mean you) already have the experience, expertise and competency required to be seen as an expert. You don’t need to learn any more; you need to believe in yourself more.

The only missing ingredient is you.

3 thoughts on “You're Already an Expert

  1. Aimee Bradshaw

    Thank you , Michael! Thank you for smacking me and telling me to get over my biggest hangup! I will save this article – I feel like you wrote it specifically for me!!!!!

  2. Josh Penzell

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve enjoyed this article for some time, but wanted to finally take a moment and respond to you personally. I bought the iPad on Day One, having been a long-time Technologist and Apple user. A few weeks later, I saw an ad seeking presenters for a Webinar about iPads. I responded, and a few weeks later, delivered the webinar. It was such a success, the company asked me to do several more iPad webinars. A few years later, I still develop business contacts and earn new business thanks to releasing these webinars, and having someone (in this case the publisher) issue a press release saying I was an expert. I would never have claimed the title for myself, but it has been useful since the term title was given to me.

    Thanks again for the great read!

    Josh Penzell


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