Air-Borne Identity

I took this photo yesterday in the supermarket (yes, that wrinkly hand belongs to me).

You may know Airborne as the product that “helps support your immune system.” Of course, you may also know Airborne as the product that “agreed to pay $23.3 million in a class-action lawsuit over false advertising.”

Either way, what’s most interesting to me is Airborne’s tagline: “Created by a school teacher.” Because while the (albeit small) objective side of my brain has no idea why being “a school teacher” would suggest any particular prowess in drug development, the emotional side of me can’t help but be attracted to the folksy, we-know-lots-of-kids-with-colds side of this credential.

Does it make rational sense? Not a chance.

Then again, who said people are rational?

2 thoughts on “Air-Borne Identity

  1. Jeff Chawenson

    I supervised a department of six, all of whom had school aged children. They all used this product; the kids were always sick, and then the parents got sick.

    Perhaps they didn’t realize that a school teacher invented it!


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