E-Newsletter Field Trip: "Les Gore on Human Capital"

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This issue’s E-Newsletter Field Trip – an astonishingly innovative concept in which readers (like you) submit their E-Newsletter for public viewing and (gentle) critique,* takes us to Newton, Massachusetts, home base for Les Gore and his company, Executive Search International.

Here’s how Les describes his newsletter:

“An executive recruiter with over 25 years of search, recruiting, career development and human capital experience, I write about how to ‘make your workplace work better’ by offering top ideas and best practices targeted to the leaders and hiring managers of organizations, large and small.”

*To have your newsletter considered as a future E-Newsletter Field Trip, send an email with your name, company name, a link to your newsletter and a 50-word description of what your newsletter is all about to: fieldtrip@bluepenguindevelopment.com.


5 thoughts on “E-Newsletter Field Trip: "Les Gore on Human Capital"

  1. Kim Houlahan

    Hey Michael,
    What’s the trick to hosting the Constant Contact enewsletter on your own website? Is it hard? It’s pretty easy to link to the archived version in CC!!

    1. Michael Katz Post author

      Hi Kim! It’s not hard compared to other things related to operating a web site. If you’ve got someone who maintains your site for you it’s very straightforward and quick.
      And I agree, constant contact has solved a big problem for people whose newsletters used to just disappear into the air after they were published. If you can manage it on your site though, all the better!

  2. Holly

    Hi Michael,

    I didn’t realize that google didn’t give credit for my eNewsletters that are archived in Constant Contact – that’s a big deal for SEO. Would I have to save my newsletter as a PDF?

    I really liked Les Gore’s newsletter – I think having his photo at the top is a great idea because it makes it more personable. And I love the idea of recent issues at the bottom – great job!

  3. Maryann Murphy

    I love the “Recent Issues” links with photos too – great idea!

    Overall, the newsletter seems to have links to some great content, but it seems like a lot of other people’s stuff. As the expert yourself, I like your opening section best, and expect a little more of YOU in the rest of the newsletter as well.

    I felt a little confused by the “In This Issue” section because most of your content isn’t actually IN the issue. The “11 Strategies…” at least starts in this newsletter, but the “Hiring and Salary Outlook” and “Employment Outlook Survey” aren’t really there – they’re just links to others’ sites. They all look like useful articles, but I’m missing YOU in them – maybe a brief description from you of why they’re important or how your readers could use the information would work (like you did for the 11 strategies).

    I like your photo – you look accessible and friendly – but to me it looks a little casual for a professional newsletter going to “multinational corporations”. I think it reduces your credibility a little. Michael, you may disagree.

    The “About Les Gore” section is a good start to an intro, but it seems to be all about the past and your experience. I’m not clear what your business is now? Probably the same, but I don’t see it spelled out clearly in the newsletter (BTW I realize I don’t do that at all in my newsletter, so this was helpful to me seeing your newsletter for the first time – not all of our readers already know us well). Is this newsletter from you, Les Gore (it seems to be according to the headline), or from Executive Search International? I’m not sure from reading it what the purpose of the newsletter is. I like the phrase “Making your workplace work better”, but I’d like something additional to clarify the purpose.

    I hope this helps. I definitely plan to do more to promote my archived newsletters the way you’re doing – very inviting!


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