3 thoughts on “"How Do I Make My Writing Feel More Personal?"

  1. Debby Brown

    Great tip! Just one suggestion: put the camera on a tripod next time. It felt just a tad wiggly to me. Otherwise, very wise.

    1. Michael Katz Post author


      Thanks, that’s a great suggestion. Time, I suppose, to stop holding the thing in my hand and up the production value around here. Off in search of said tripod….


  2. Melanie Kissell

    Good point, great tip, and I’d like to add that’s it’s really, really, really okay with me if a little humor is injected into the emails you’re sending me (that is, the folks whose lists I’m subscribed to).

    Definitely address me as me-and-only-me and for Pete’s sake, be yourself! 🙂


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