"Targeted" Marketing?

Maybe you’ve heard about the truck dealership in central Florida that has made the following  offer to prospective customers: “Buy a truck, get a free AK-47.No kidding, that’s the offer.

Whether reading that makes you smile or reading that makes you cringe, you have to admit it’s memorable.  And not just memorable – according to sales manager, Nick Ginetta, sales have more than doubled since the promotion began on, you guessed it, Veteran’s day.

I mention this to you because it’s a great example of targeted (insert your own joke here), authentic marketing. Ginetta concedes that some people won’t like it.  But, as he explains, his customers are gun owners.  To them, this is more than just a $400 gift … it’s a statement about where the dealership stands on the bigger question of gun ownership.

So here’s the thing to keep in mind: Every step you take in the direction of genuine, bold, narrow marketing is going to cost you potential customers. People who when they hear what you really think or see how you really are, are going to run away. That’s the bad news.

The good news is that with each of those steps, you’re moving steadily closer to the people who are a perfect match for you and what you do. Your job is to speak clearly enough for them to hear you.

Image by maiakinfo, used under a Creative Commons license.

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