E-Newsletter Field Trip: "Words In Motion"

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This issue’s E-Newsletter Field Trip – an astonishingly innovative concept in which readers (like you) submit* their E-Newsletter for public viewing and (gentle) critique – takes us just up the road (like 15 miles) to Jane Sherwin and her company, WordDrive Communications in Belmont, Massachusetts.

Here’s how Jane describes her newsletter:

“The purpose of my monthly e-news is to stay in touch with my readers, to provide them with useful information about writing, and to promote my business. The topics are most often focused on health care marketing, with an emphasis on content or how to present content.”

For a look at Jane’s newsletter and to watch and listen to my insightful insights regarding same, click the screen image above. Then go ahead and add your own comments below!
*To have your newsletter considered as a future E-Newsletter Field Trip, send an email to fieldtrip@bluepenguindevelopment.com with your name, company name, a link to your newsletter and a 50-word description of what your newsletter is all about!

6 thoughts on “E-Newsletter Field Trip: "Words In Motion"

  1. April Force Pardoe

    I like your suggestion for moving the co. name below the newsletter name. Sometimes we get caught up in our own co. info. and can’t step away! I like her use of two columns – a colorful sidebar is eye catching.

    That’s my 2 cents. Great feature.

  2. Maryann Murphy

    I agree about the title – looks so much cleaner without the logo at the top!

    The “Call in the Editor” offer seems like a great way to get potential clients in. Why not offer it beyond the 19th (which is already too late for those of us seeing it now)? Seems like a great introductory package.

    Regarding the testimonial at the bottom – it would be clearer if it were placed in context to let us know what you did for the guidebook. Did you write it? Edit it? Design it? At first I thought you wrote a guidebook on writing and were selling it (not a bad idea, but not what you are trying to convey here).

    Also, “In This Issue” link is not necessary if you only have one major article.

    Anyway, love your writing, the overall look, and the value you provide with the newsletter!

    1. Michael Katz Post author


      Thanks again for being the focus for this week. Yes, we have a very knowledgeable group of readers (and they’re pretty gentle as critics, which I appreciate) and lots to learn.

      Glad you like the field trip feature too!



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