E-Newsletter Field Trip: “Commercial Truck Success”

Thanks to Terry Minion of Commercial Truck Success for volunteering to be this week’s E-Newsletter Field Trip.  You can view a copy here: http://tinyurl.com/27zeusz

What I like most about Terry’s newsletter is the natural, personal voice.  He writes in the first person and uses personal experiences to make his points, both of which add up to an authentic, friendly publication.

Two suggestions for improvement:

First, reduce the size of the truck image up top and remove the quotations.  Both of these take up a lot of  precious real estate (this is what shows in the preview window so readers can see what’s in the newsletter).

Second, see if you can reduce the sheer amount of newsletter content by publishing more frequently or by linking to some of this content on the company web site.  The newsletter as it now stands is veeeerrrrrryyyy long and will be overwhelming to some readers.

Thanks again, Terry!


How about you, what do you think of Terry’s newsletter?  Type your comments below…

9 thoughts on “E-Newsletter Field Trip: “Commercial Truck Success”

  1. Jane Sherwin

    I love the intense red color at the start tho agree that the photo and background should leave more space for initial content. I’d limit the quotes to one for each newsletter. Would suggest stating at the start more specifically what the newsletter is about–new models, sales, other developments in the industry? Could use a proof reader–some typos here and there. Also love the caricature. Lots of energy.


  2. David Hooper

    Nice job Terry! I really liked the color contrasts including the logo design. You have a ton of information and well developed content that demonstrates your knowledge of the subject of trucks and truck “stuff”). My sense was the letter was a little long and was not a particularly quick read-a bit daunting. You introduce a number of products and I was drawn more towards the images of the products to see if there was something of interest rather than reading content. Because you appear to have so much content, my suggestion might be to shorten the newsletter to a 60 second read and increase the frequency-more of a “feature of the week.” I would suggest sticking with one quote in a pull fashion in either margin. Again, a nice job of authentic voice writing, great relevant content, nice colors and a good resource for information. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Catharine Inniss

    Love the friendliness, warmth, style – but the spelling of maintenance has to be fixed (on the main page).

  4. Terry Minion


    I don’t remember this and was doing a search for something and found it. Thank you for your comments and thank you to your readers for their comments as well. I haven’t published this newsletter for a few years because it became a monster of work. It took a great deal of effort with the volume of information. I chose to concentrate on my CTS Daily Inspirations (www.ctsdaily.net) and CTS Blog instead, along with my main business, http://www.UpwardTrend.org.

    The length is what some of my readers appreciated. They told me that they would print it out and go through it like a newspaper. Almost all comments about the quotes put that at the top read items. I have no idea how many actually read it all. It was a labor of love though.

    Michael, I appreciate your newsletter and communications. I have subscribed now for many years after that post by Constant Contact that highlighted you and your wonderful style. I absolutely love the bold phrase highlights and your easy going, light hearted and fun style. You are affecting a lot of people in a very positive and uplifting way.

    Thank you!



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