Are You Using Your Natural Advantage?

Took this photo in the supermarket yesterday. So here’s my question for you…

Does anyone – and I mean anyone, including (maybe especially) the fine people of Progresso – actually believe that someone would open soup from a can and exclaim, “You Gotta Taste This Soup.”?

No. But, and in defense of the Progresso marketing people, what else are they going to use as a tagline?

“Are you hungry enough yet?”
“The next best thing to skipping lunch entirely.”
“Nobody’s ever died from it (that we know of).”

The big companies have no option but to concoct a catchy phrase that has nothing to do with reality, put on a smiley face, and spend, spend, spend on marketing. They don’t meet their customers in person and what they sell – delivered in quantity over vast distances – tends to be pretty average. No relationships, no authenticity, just a lot of words. You know it and they know it.

And that’s the point, my small business-owning friend. You have something they don’t have – real connections with real people.

So do yourself a favor … spend less time worrying about your own tagline and use your natural advantage. Stay in touch in an authentic way with the people you already know. And yes, it’s that simple.

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