Politically, and Marketingly, Incorrect

If you’re wondering why politics is so consistently annoying and logic-resistant, author David H. Freedman may have the answer (well, one of them anyway; we can’t explain everything on a Friday).

Here’s one of many startling points he makes in his book, Wrong: Why Experts Keep Failing Us — And How to Know When Not to Trust Them:

“…there’s the issue that formal experts tend to want to present themselves as thinking in terms of hard evidence untainted by opinion, emotions, or drama, while much of the public relates better to stories and exciting ideas and has relatively little means for or interest in evaluating hard evidence.”

As a marketer, you may want to keep this in mind. Convincing people to buy your products, hire your services, believe what you say … and even vote for you, has less to do with statistics and logic than it does with “stories and exciting ideas.”

So … what story are you telling?

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