3 thoughts on “E-Newsletter Field Trip: “Improving the Workplace”

  1. Christine Auda

    Overall, I liked the look of Bruce’s newsletter. I was hooked by his opening line and wanted to read on. (Always good news when publishing an E-Newsletter.) Also, I liked his use of bullets. They were short, to the point and readable. Good overall organization and professional design.

    I would appreciate more white space between paragraphs and subheads and a larger font size. My eyes were getting a bit weary. Also, I think the newsletter ran a bit too long. Otherwise, nice job!

  2. Jane Sherwin

    I agree with Michael and Christine’s comments. A super story, and very well told. I couldn’t stop reading! Michael your point about highlighting the title rather than company name makes a lot of sense. Bruce, one thought re all those bullets: I can see how you’d want to include all that data, especially if you’re inviting people to print out the email (another great idea). You could shorten the number of bullets by combining some of them, e.g.
    *Most bullies (72%) are bosses and most targets (57%) are women
    *Bullying is four times more prevalent than illegal harassment, yet 62% of employers ignore the problem
    * 45% of targets suffer stress-related health problems and 40% never tell their employers



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