The Universe is My Pen Pal

I get an email every morning from “The Universe.”

It’s actually a guy named Mike Dooley, who runs a web site called, and who sends a little motivational snippet every day. Take a look at today’s example below, and then I want to point a few things out to you:

Truth be told, Michael, when a dream comes true, 9 out of 10 dreamers say that it was easier than they thought, happened faster than they expected, and was better than they first imagined it would be – causing those in the unseen to wonder without end, why they didn’t dream bigger?
Things that make you go “Hmmmmm…” – The Universe

Three things I want you to notice:

1. Every message includes my name in the body. How’d he get my name? I gave it to him when I signed up. And as contrived as I know it is, the fact that each message includes my own name, makes it more powerful.

2. Every message is signed by “The Universe.”
Of course it’s just Mike ghost-writing for The Universe (I think), but here too, over time you tend to forget that and it feels like I’m hearing a direct message.

3. Mike’s daily message frequently includes a pitch for one of his products or seminars – down below, in a different section. Guess what … these incorporate my name too and he writes with the same “voice of the Universe.” Mike signs his name in this section (so as not to be confused with Eternal All-Knowing), but the effect makes the sales pitch much more powerful.

Mike Dooley knows how to write authentically.

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