Signs Of Life

See this photo? I took it yesterday at a funky little cafe called Aromas in Newport News, Virginia.

There are two things I love about this sign:

  1. It’s completely consistent with the feel of Aromas: Hardwood floors, healthy sandwiches, lively music, tattooed and pierced staff.   Friendly, down to earth and a little offbeat. (Not an easy thing to pull off, by the way, in City Center, a prefabricated spot that feels more like you’re walking through an artist’s rendering than an actual place where anybody lives.)  The sign is a dead-on match to the restaurant.
  1. It’s functional, but it’s friendly. So sure, I get it that if you own a retail establishment you’ve got some logistical things that need taking care of (like small children).  The difference between this funny reminder and the more common “You break it, you own it” policies found in most places, however, is the difference between people I’m eager to do business with and people I simply tolerate.

Marketing happens everywhere, not just in your marketing pieces. If you’ve got signs, you’ve got opportunities to win (or lose) new friends.

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