A Dog's Life

Take a look at most company web sites — maybe even your own. Notice anything about the people in the photos? They don’t work there. They’re models or stock photos of, “The kind of people we think look like the kind of people we hope other people think we are.”

Or something like that.

That’s why I like A Dog’s Life, a Santa Monica, CA company that makes organic dog food. Because on their site — in fact on every package of food they sell — is a real picture of a real customer (canine). Not some over-fluffed, shiny-toothed, perfect dog … real dogs, like this one.

Here’s the point. Real clients hire real people. If the real people in your company don’t appear on your web site, how are these clients going to know when they’ve found you?

1 thought on “A Dog's Life

  1. Sue Horner

    I completely agree with you! It’s usually pretty obvious when a site has stock photos, and you have to wonder why. Will photos of the real people scare small children? Unlikely. I vote for real.


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