E-Newsletter Field Trip: “Moms With ADD/ADHD”

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I like a lot of things about Terry’s newsletter – It’s got a professionally designed header; the large typeface is easy to read; the Q&A format gives readers a sense that there are other moms out there just like them.

But what I like most of all is the newsletter’s tight focus: “Moms with ADD/ADHD.” Not “People” or even “Women” … It’s targeted to a particular type of person with a particular issue, something that helps potential readers instantly recognize themselves in the focus of this newsletter.

The only change I might suggest is to not use the word “musings” in the subheader. “Musings” don’t sound important enough. I’d be much more likely to read something that offered “help” or “guidance” or even “tips.”

How about you? What do you like / not like about this newsletter?

1 thought on “E-Newsletter Field Trip: “Moms With ADD/ADHD”

  1. Michael Katz

    We migrated these Field Trips from Facebook and didn’t want to lose the comments, so we’ve posted them below:

    Kim Pouncy:

    I love the type size! Most newsletters use a 10 or even 8 pt. font which is way too small. Why make it HARD to read your newsletter? You WANT people to read it, make it easy! I also like the variety of topics and Q&A. I’m thinking a Q&A might be a great idea for my next newsletter…

    Jill Annis:
    It is chock full of fantastic tips and information.

    Lora Sasiela:
    Yes, love the Q and A. Great newsletter! Very engaging.

    Terry Zolkower Matlen:
    Thanks all for your comments and thanks, Michael, for featuring my newsletter and offering your feedback. Much appreciated!

    Michael Katz:
    And thanks to all of you for joining in the discussion. This is a nice feature of Facebook — everyone being able to join in the conversation! – Michael


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