E-Newsletter Field Trip:”Easy Web Tips”

View “Easy Web Tips” here:.

What I like most about Katherine’s newsletter is how focused each issue is. This one, for example, is all about making your email address name personal or fun. Clear and focused.

Some suggestions for improvement:

– give the newsletter a real name, as opposed to the company name up top. That screams “marketing.” We want to scream “useful information.”

– I don’t really like having testimonials down the left hand side. They’re impressive, but for me, that’s too much selling right up front. I’d move those way down in the newsletter and maybe feature just one each month. That said, I have an admittedly soft touch when it comes to selling.

How about you? What do you see here that you like / don’t like about Katherine’s newsletter?

1 thought on “E-Newsletter Field Trip:”Easy Web Tips”

  1. Michael Katz

    We migrated these Field Trips from Facebook and didn’t want to lose the comments, so we’ve posted them below:

    Nancy Peterson:

    I really liked this newsletter. I found it easy to read and the content to be relevant and useful. I agree with Michael that it would be better to have a newsletter name instead of the company name. Another suggestion would be to bold some of the key points.

    Maryann Murphy:
    I agree with the above – nice, clear tip, easy to read, and useful. I also like your photo – very approachable and friendly-looking, but still professional (so I can trust that you know what you’re talking about). The “Other Articles …” title was a little confusing – are those YOUR articles or by others? Maybe instead of “Other Articles…”, it would be more compelling to say “Other Tips …”

    Jan Gallagher:
    AND..If you subscribe, the subject line of the confirmation email is “Congratulations! You just joined a wonderful mailing list!” Now, I’m not sure I care about the list I joined, so I might have said “You just signed up for a wonderful newsletter!” or similar… But that’s a quibble compared to the wonderfulness of getting a (non-spam) email whose subject includes the words Congratulations and wonderful.

    Julie Westerman Shanson:
    I was impressed by the testimonials about the newsletter – I read Nick Usborne and Peter Bowerman. But I’m not the target audience. I’m imagining the ones that talk about the pain they felt before they called would be useful deciding whether or not to spend time and money hiring you. Also, it looks like you primarily work with small businesses in the home furnishing space in Michigan and Wisconsin. Is that your niche?

    Katherine Andes:
    Hi All,

    Thanks for the feedback. When I come up for air, I’ll do some revamping of my e-newsletter and incorporate many, if not all, of your comments. Julie, my niche is web content development especially in the home improvement market. I’ve worked mostly for smaller companies but recently landed a large company in another English-speaking country.


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