Productivity is Overrated

I spent an hour this morning (maybe more) printing labels, stuffing envelopes and sending 35 free CDs to people who had requested one, after I offered it in my newsletter on Friday. Pretty menial work, I know.

But I don’t care — I really enjoyed doing it, especially knowing I’m connecting with all these people around the country.

The “experts” say you’re not supposed to do this kind of stuff yourself; you’re supposed to be productive. You know, check email just 5 times a day; have an assistant do the “lower end tasks;” spend time on the things that generate revenue.

I say it’s a bunch of crap.  I say you should do what you enjoy doing.  I say productivity isn’t the point — enjoying your life is. If you want to stuff envelopes or walk the dog or go for a run in the middle of the day, just go ahead.

What about being practical?  What about earning money? Here’s the thing.  If you’re in a business that rewards you for results, not effort, job #1 is enjoying what you’re doing.  That’s where all the ideas and clients and money comes from anyway.

If working hard and staying focused all day works for you, be my guest.  But if it doesn’t, that’s fine too.