Are Congratulations in Order?

I called my friend Barry to tell him I bought an iPhone. His one word response: “Congratulations.”

It wasn’t until later on that it struck me how impressive that was.  Here I’ve paid a fair amount of money to buy a product, and someone who’s already taken the leap congratulates me on the decision I’ve made.

If you ask me, this should be the goal for each of our respective businesses:

“I just signed on with Jane to be my life coach.” Congratulations.
“Dr. Johnson is my new dentist.” Congratulations.
“We booked our vacation at the XYZ Inn.” Congratulations.

When the services you offer are so good that people save their money until the happy day that they can finally work with you, you know you’re on the right page.

5 thoughts on “Are Congratulations in Order?

  1. Dianne Wiroll

    Hey Michael… Being a mutual friend with Barry, I’m not surprised at what he said. I know he said it with sincerity and excitement that you had “converted”.
    I wish you happiness with your new “toy”.
    Oh, yes… Given that he’s a seasoned user, I wonder if Barry “has an app for that”???
    Congratulations (in solidarity with our mutual friend Barry)!

  2. Rebekah Owens

    Wow, that’s really a great way to look at ourselves and our businesses. To realize that we have worked hard to provide great services and because of the quality of work we provide, our name and reputation are out there. Its funny because people are actually thankful for us providing our service and choosing them as our client. So, yes, “congratulations” are in order when a new person finds a great company to get services from.
    Thank you, Michael, for your insite.
    Rebekah Owens

  3. JoseF

    I just want to say that I’m saving my money until the happy day that I can finally work with you.
    Cheers from the other side of the Atlantic.

  4. Lissa Boles

    I’m with Rebekah: what a great benchmark to set our professional sights on – one that makes it all about creating congratulations-worthy experiences for your new customers rather than on new business for us. Hard to be anything less than authentic when that’s your goal…


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