How Low Can You Go?

“Hi, I’m calling from the Honey Baked Ham store in Framingham to tell you how you can save. . . ”

“Dear Michael, it was great to meet you at yesterday’s networking meeting. Here’s a list of the services we offer. . .”

“Open this e-mail and earn. . .”

These are all messages I received, unsolicited, in the past 48 hours. The first by phone, the next two via e-mail.

Here’s the good news: The bar for what companies consider “outreach” is low. Exceedingly low. Unbelievably low. Boring, impersonal, automated junk.

And that’s good for you and me. Because with all this stuff out there, and all the people stumbling so badly in their eagerness to make the sale that they forget about the human being on the other side, we look good simply by keeping it genuine.

That’s it. Just stay in touch with a friendly, sincere hello and the occasional tidbit of useful information sent to the people you already know. Then watch your small business grow.

I’d like to make it more complicated, but it really isn’t.

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